Sekt-CUP awards Germany's best sparkling wine


At the first Sekt CUP on the "Gourmetwelten" portal, a jury of experts tasted 100 German sparkling wines for two days in the Hotel ZOO (Restaurant GRACE) on Kurfürstendamm in Berlin.


As always, it was tasted blindly and rated according to the 100-point system.

"Raumland, Griesel, Künstler and Braunewell impressively show what is currently the top in Sparkling," said the organizer Niko Rechenberg. According to the Jury Germany's best sparkling wine is the Raumland Chardonnay Réserve Brut from 2012 with 97.2 points, followed by Griesel 2017 Chardonnay Prestige Brut Nature (96.2 points). Third place went to artist with the 2016 Hochheimer Stein Riesling extra brut and 96.0 points. As discovery of the year, the jury selected Schlossgut Ehaben with 2017 Blanc de Blancs Crémant nature brut and 95.8 points.

Winegrowers surprise with top-quality rosé sekt as well

Outside of the evaluation, the jury also accepted rosé sparkling wine. Although not included in the tender, a surprising number of winemakers sent in their rosé sparkling wine. The jury's special prize went to Niko Brandner (Griesel Sekt) for his sensational 2017 Rosé Prestige Extra Brut with 95.8 points.

The jury (2nd photo) included: Hagen Hoppenstedt (Head of Beverage KaDeWe), Ben Weidenberg (GRACE), Manu Rosier (Star Wine List), Anton Stefanov (Take Time for Wine) and Nikolas Rechenberg (publisher GOURMETWELTEN)

Sekt-Cup TOP-30

Raumland, 2012 Chardonnay Réserve Brut, Rheinhessen, 97,2 points

Griesel, 2017 Chardonnay Prestige Brut Nature, Hessische Bergstraße, 96,2 points

Künstler, 2016 Hochheimer Stein Riesling extra brut, Rheingau, 96,0 points

Schlossgut Ebringen, 17er Blanc de Blancs Crémant naturebrut, Baden, 95,8 points

Weingut Fogt, 2018 Crémant Brut Nature, Rheinhessen, Cuvée, 95,2 points

Raumland, 2011 Pinot Kirchenstück Réserve Brut Nature, 95,0 points

Braunewell, 2017 BLANC DE BLANCS, Rheinhessen, 94,8 points

Bardong, 2014 Erbacher Marcobrunn extra brut, Rheingau, 94,8 points

Pflüger, 2017 Cuvée Sophie Helene, Pfalz, Cuvée, 94,8 points

Raumland, 2008 Blanc de Noirs Grande Réserve Brut, Rheinhessen, 94,8 points

Braunewell, 2013 GRANDE ANNÉE, Rheinhessen, 94,6 points

Wilhelmshof, 2008 Pinot B Privé brut, Pfalz, Cuvée, 94,5 points

Barth, 2015 SCHÜTZENHAUS Riesling brut nature, VDP-SEKT-PRESTIGE, 94,3 points

Karl Schaefer 2018, Pinot Blanc, Pfalz, Reinsortig, 94,3 points

F.B. Schönleber, 2014 Rheingau Reinsortig, 94,3 points

Aldinger, 2014 Brut Nature, Württemberg Cuvée, 94,0 points

Frank John, 2016 Riesling Brut 50, Pfalz Reinsortig, 94,0 points

Reichsrat von Buhl, Blanc de Blancs Prestige brut, Pfalz, Cuvée, 94,0 points

Leiner, brut nature, Pfalz, Cuvée, 94,0 points

Winterling, 2016 "La Coulée d'Or", Pfalz, Cuvée, 94,0 points

Zalwander, 2014, No.1 Baden, Reinsortig, 93,8 points

Bamberger, 2010, DECADE Nahe Reinsortig, 93,6 points

Strauch, 2012 Grande Reserve, Rheinhessen, Cuvée, 93,4 points

Schloss VAUX, 2016 Geisenheimer Rothenberg-Riesling brut, 93,3 points

Siener, Pinot Brut nature, Pfalz Cuvée, 93,2 points

Solter, 2012, Riesling und Gewürztraminer, Rheingau Cuvée, 93,2 points

Weinhaus Heger  PINOT Sekt Extra Brut, Baden, Cuvée, 93,0 points

Bardong, 2012 Erbacher Honigberg extra brut, Rheingau 93,0 points

Bardong, 2001 Bardong Réserve brut, Rheingau  93,0 points

Wilhelmshof, 2019 Riesling extra brut, Pfalz, 93,0 points

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Riesling CUP-winners Katharina und Marie-Luise Raumland (sisters). photo source: Gourmetwelten

Sekt CUP Jury: Hagen Hoppenstedt (Head of Beverage KaDeWe), Ben Weidenberg (GRACE), Manu Rosier (Star Wine List), Anton Stefanov (Take Time for Wine) und Nikolas Rechenberg (Herausgeber Gourmetwelten)