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Sommelier Summer Class IV kissed by the sun


Some 50 wine experts from 14 nations teamed up for this year's Sommelier Summer Class (july 8.-12.), initiated by Deutschen Weininstituts (DWI) i.e. Wines of Germany. The popular networking event was held for the fourth time and full of adventures for the international participants.

'Schloss Johannisberg' in the Rheingau region presented itself in the best possible weather condition. Sommeliers from around the world were stunned about the unique view towards the Rhine River. The impressive sight in the evening sunlight was the perfect kick-off for four days full of tastings, presentations and wine knowledge.

At the second day of excursions the sommeliers were welcomed by Prof. Schultz, President of the renowned Geisenheim University as well as MW Konstantin Baum who both lectured about current wine branch topics. Afterwards, a boat cruise to the city of Lorch left enough room for wine talks with regional wine makers and was followed by a collective dinner.

In order to cover as many regions as possible, the group split up in small teams during the following third and fourth day. (regions: Franken, Nahe/Rheinhessen, Pfalz and Mosel). The respective  adventures in Germany's wine regions were then shared during a farewell dinner at Wagner-Stempel Winery in the Rheinhessen region.

Statements of individual participants:

"Schloss Johannisberg - stunning view" and "Thank you so much, for such a fantastic  journey in German wines", Mike Brinch Stage

"Thanks for this great trip. Just back directly to the next wine region at the other end of the river Rhein. Greetings and hope to see each other again", Stefan Schachner

"This was truly something that I will remember for a really long time. Amazing wines and selection of wineries we were visiting, great weather and of course great colleagues from all over the world",  Piotr Zieliński

"It was amazing thanks to you all, and many thanks to Deutsches Weininstitut", Henk Pee with Brett Thiessen

"Many Many thanks Deutsches Weininstitut - Greetings from London", Lachlan George

"Franken - You could say day three was amazing!", Brett Thiessen

"Enjoying the view from Schloss Johannisberg", Charles Pashby-Taylor

"I have really enjoyed the first Day at the Sommelier summerclas. We had an interesting introduction about "Facts & Figures on German Wine". After that, visiting the winebasement and later enjoyed from dinner. I'm looking forward to the next days. Really excited!!", Mandy Bossinga

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Sommelier Summerclass IV

Foto: Wines of Germany / Deutsches Weininstitut (DWI)

Foto: Wines of Germany / Deutsches Weininstitut (DWI)

Foto: Wines of Germany / Deutsches Weininstitut (DWI)

Foto: Wines of Germany / Deutsches Weininstitut (DWI)