The 15 best sparkling German wines awarded in Denmark


Germany's 15 best sparkling wines on the Danish market have been selected from 61 wines. Those made from Riesling rated highly, but those made from traditional grape varieties used to produce champagne also won acclaim in the Best German Sekt Denmark 2020 awards.

The Germans know how to sparkle

When it comes to drinking sparkling wines, Germany is actually world champion. The population drinks about 3.5 liters per capita annually, and that is more than any other nationality. This means that every year the corks of over 420 million bottles burst in Germany, which is equivalent to almost a quarter of the world's production of sparkling wines.

Germany - second in world for producung sparkling wine

But the Germans do not only know how to enjoy sparkling wines. They are also adept at producing them. With over 500 million bottles of sparkling wine a year, Germany is the second ranked producing country in the world - right after France. The majority of the wines go under the name Sekt.  The German wines have made their entrance at international blind tastings, where they top the scale - often ahead of well-known international sparkling wines and champagnes.

Growing interest for Sekt

In Denmark, interest in German Sekt is growing and with the selection of the best Sekt in the Danish retail trade, the Danes now have a guideline when finding bubbles for the New Year's table. ‘Best German Sekt Denmark 2020’ took place for the first time this year, and Danish wine merchants were invited to join with their wines. All sparkling wines from Germany could be registered and there was great interest in participating. 61 wines found their way to the judges' tasting table, where they were tasted blindly within three categories; A. Riesling; B. Traditional grapes - Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Meunier; C. Other grapes which included Gewürztraminer, Scheurebe and Weissburgunder. Out of the 61 wines, 8% were organic or Demeter-certified wines. 10 of Germany's 13 wine regions were represented, but Rheingau, Mosel, Baden, Pfalz and Rheinhessen were particularly dominant.

The jury commented on the winning wines as follows:

“The three wines that landed at the top of the podium in Best German Sekt Denmark 2020, were outstanding. Domikus 2014 presents an extremely high quality and complexity with great aroma intensity, where the character of the Riesling shines clearly through. In general, the sparkling Riesling wines impressed with compelling intensity and distinct DNA. Freiherr von Gleichenstein seduced with its elegance, finesse and delicate mousse, while Haus Klosterberg was crushingly captivating with a perfectly balanced fresh and mineral Riesling character", says DipWSET and Weinakademiker Marie Gulstad, who was Head Judge.

10 of the Sekts in the Top15 are produced from Riesling, while the remaining five are made from traditional varieties. The competition was very close, and the 15 selected wines all scored between 96 and 88 points. All the wines were tasted by all the judges.

Best German Sekt Denmark 2020:

  1. Domikus 2014, Riesling Sekt Extra Brut, Weingut C. von Nell-Breuning (96 points)
  2. Badischer Winzersekt 2012, Pinot & Chardonnay Extra Brut, Weingut Freiherr von Gleichenstein (93 points)
  3. Haus Klosterberg 2016, Riesling Brut Sekt, Weingut Markus Molitor in Mosel (92 points)

Top15 of Best German Sekt Denmark 2020:

The following wines made up the Top15, mentioned below in random order:

  • Blanc de Blancs Chardonnay Brut Nature 2016, Weingut Braunewell
  • Cremant Baden 2015 Brut, Weingut Zähringer
  • Geheimrat J Riesling Sekt B.A. Brut 2015, Weingut Wegeler
  • Riesling Brut Eroica 2016, Weingut Blees Ferber Eroica
  • Rosé brut NV, Pinot Noir, Weingut Vincent Eymann
  • Pinot Rose Sekt Brut 2018, Weingut Philipp Lang
  • Neipperg Riesling Sekt Brut 2018, Weingut Graf Neipperg
  • Riesling Sekt Brut Flaschengärung 2018, Weingut August Eser
  • Riesling Sekt Brut 2016, Weingut Reichsrat von Buhl
  • Riesling Sekt Traditon Brut 2017, Friedrich Fendel
  • Riesling Brut Deutscher Sekt 2017, Weingut Auf der Fünfzehn Morgen
  • Allendorf Rheingauer Riesling Extra Dry Sekt 2018, Weingut Allendorf

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The 15 best German sparkling wines on the Danish market have been selected and awarded at the Best German Sekt Denmark 2020.

The 15 best German sparkling wines on the Danish market have been selected and awarded at the Best German Sekt Denmark 2020.