The Times: German wines are making a comeback


Fantastic news from the United Kingdom's wine scene: The renowned daily British newspaper THE TIMES reports about "soaring sales in upmarket establishments" for Wines of Germany.

On page two of the december-9th-issue, consumer affairs correspondent Andrew Ellson describes how German wine sales are going "from strength to strength" in the UK.

Soaring sales in upmarket establishments

„German vineyards have established a reputation among connoisseurs and sommeliers for quality, with their wines ageing so well and offering good value“, Ellson states and gives reason for his observation: „At Justerini & Brooks, Germany is the fastest-growing wine region, and as well as this, Marks & Spencer has seen sales of its Palataia Pinot Noir rise 75% year-on-year while sales of its Mineralstein Riesling have doubled over the same period“.

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Notes to the editor: The daily edition of 'The Times' exceeds 400.000 sold copies.

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source: The Times, december 9th 2019, page 2