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Top seller: Mulled wine from Germany


More and more winelovers worldwide fancy high quality mulled wine from Germany. A growing number of producers create this hot drink with white as well as red wines. It is produced by individual vintners as well as cellars and available in many supermarkets.

"Many people think that mulled wine is always sweet and sticky, and that you will have a bad hangover next day," says food technology student Sarah Schmitt from the Mosel region (Konz, near Trier). 

This is not the case with higher-quality mulled wine produced by winegrowers. "You shouldn't get a headache from that if you don't overdo it," Schmitt says. 

She does not plan on drinking more than one mug of mulled wine at a time. "Then I switch to the (alcohol-free) children's version," she says. "My favourite mulled wine is made with Riesling, with cinnamon and oranges and a little bit of sugar added," the 20-year-old winegrower's daughter said after her coronation as mulled wine queen on tuesday.

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Germany's vintners apply individual recipes from their ancestors to produce mulled wine