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UK-based sommelier: The next big Pinot hit will be from the Germans


Elona Hesseling from has summed up "what's hot in the UK" in her latests online publication. The author cites sommelier Gareth Ferreira who's daily work experience in a London based private wine-club sees Wines of Germany on the rise.

"We have seen German Riesling return to glory, with both dry and sweet styles becoming more popular. But I think we have yet to discover the full potential of other German wines, notably Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir) and Silvaner", Ferreira describes the given market situation for Wines of Germany in London/UK.

"With the price of Burgundy running away with the average consumer, people find alternatives for their Pinot Noir fix", he continues to explain in the article. "Great Pinots from New World regions have been the answer for a while, but I think the next big Pinot hit will be from the Germans", Ferreira states.

The sommelier's conviction confirms latest sales figures. Pinot Noir belongs to the Top5 grape varieties British consumers fancy. Since 2011 (Video) Wines of Germany has won a number of prizes for their outstanding Pinot Noir qualities.

reference:, Elona Hesseling

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