Wine export starts positively in the year 2019


Exports of German wines developed positively in the first quarter of this year. As the German Wine Institute (DWI) announced in its export forum in Oppenheim, the value of exported wines rose compared to the same quarter last year by three percent to 67 million euros and the amount by one percent to 230,000 hectoliters.

In the past year export figures showed a 5 percent drop in sales and constant performance in 2017 due to the small harvest volume. In total, around one million hectolitre (hl) of German wine was exported abroad in 2018.

Growing interest of the industry in export

Overall, the DWI notes a growing industry interest in exports, as the well-attended DWI forum showed. "Thanks to higher average prices in recent years, wine exports have become a lucrative and important economic pillar for more and more wine producers, which represents an interesting alternative to the highly competitive German market," explained DWI Managing Director Monika Reule. "After all, the average price of all exports in 2018 for the first time rose over 300 euros per hectolitre".

Finland doubles listings of German wines

Particularly strong growth markets for German wine exporters are the Scandinavian countries. The positive trend of last year continued there until March 2019. From Finland, Tomas Lönnberg of the wine import company Norex Selected Brands Oy reported on the DWI forum that the number of German white wines listed by the Finnish monopoly has more than doubled since 2016 and has grown steadily in both sales and commodities.

Britain gives up puzzles

The further wine export development in the UK is eagerly awaited. While there was growth in volume and value in the first quarter of 2019, this was primarily due to precautionary procurement of wines in the run-up to Brexit. The expected impact of a possible Brexit on the German wine export explained Rob Ivory of the British Wine & Spirit Trade Association at the DWI Forum. According to him, in the case of a disorderly Brexit, it would be a major slump in EU trade and companies should invest an additional 20 percent of their goods in the UK.

Russia before comeback of German wines

According to the DWI, the up-and-coming Russian wine market is again facing a comeback for German wines after a very strong slump in recent years. As explained by the head of the newly opened DWI office in Moscow, Tatiana Böhm, the interest of Russian consumers in particular in Riesling is growing. Overall, DWI CEO Reule is confident that wine exports will continue to develop positively this year. This is especially true against the background of the very good qualities and quantities of the vintage 2018.

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Wein aus deutschen Anbaugebieten ist zunehmend im Ausland gefragt: Der Weinexport startet positiv ins Jahr 2019.