Wine Queen candidates test their specialist knowledge


The seven contenders for the crown of the new German Wine Queen confidently proved their wine expertise in both German and English during the one-hour contest in the SWR broadcasting studio in Mainz. Now they are looking forward to the grand final on September 25th.


German speaking winelovers can follow this LIVE tv show via this portal

Considering the Covid situation this year, all applicants are directly qualified for the final. However, the wine knowledge contest on September 19th was still thrilling for the young wine experts. They had to convince master jurors - Prof. Dr. Hans Reiner Schultz, President of Geisenheim University, and wine journalist and sommelier Paula Sidore (who were on site), as well as some of the 74 jury members (who were on screens), of their ability to answer three technical questions about wine in German and English.

Strong performance by all candidates

Bärbel Ellwanger from the Mosel wine-growing region confidently explained the differences between sustainable and ecological viticulture. Anna-Maria Löffler from the Pfalz region described the production process of a Trockenbeerenauslese (TBA) in perfect English, while Eva Müller from Rheinhessen expertly explained to potential English visitors what a Federweißer is (new wine/ partly fermented wine). Alexandra Unger from the Rheingau was well informed about the potential of German wines abroad, and Eva Lanzerath from the Ahr skilfully and eloquently outlined the relevance of natural wines in Germany. Jana Petermann from the Hessische Bergstrasse described in fluent English the importance of Generation Riesling for modern wine marketing, and Tamara Luisa Elbl from Württemberg expertly explained how to produce a vegan wine.

"After this professional and knowledgeable performance by all seven candidates, we can look forward to an exciting finale," said the managing director of the German Wine Institute (DWI), Monika Reule.

Eloquence and quick-wittedness are required in the final round

In the final, live on SWR television and online this Friday, September 25th from 8.15 pm (LIVE Stream starts 7.30 pm), viewers can look forward to an exciting television show with high entertainment value. It is broadcast in German without subtitles, but English-speaking viewers can still enjoy the spectacle and the section in English.

The candidates have to win the jury over with many talents, not only in wine knowledge, but also with their personality, eloquence and quick-wittedness. Cabaret artist Lars Reichow and the four women of the a capella pop band “Die Medlz” will provide accompanying entertainment.

In addition to the approximately 70-strong jury, there will be a few family members of the candidates in the live audience, yet the fan groups will have to cheer offsite due to hygiene guidelines. The suspense will increase around 9:45 pm, when the jurors select three of the seven applicants to wear a wine crown; be it as the German Wine Queen or as one of the two German Wine Princesses. The decision as to who will succeed Angelina Vogt as the German Wine Queen, will be made after a final, exciting task for the three aspiring wine ambassadors at around 10.15 pm.

The farewell speeches for Angelina Vogt and the two current German wine princesses can be followed from 7.30 pm via this LIVE Stream in German language on and, before the live broadcast of the gala follows at 8.15 p.m., which is also broadcast on SWR television.

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The candidates are proud and relieved after the wine knowledge contest. From left to right: Alexandra Unger (Rheingau), Eva Lanzerath (Ahr), Bärbel Ellwanger (Mosel); Reihe hinten: Anna-Maria Löffler (Pfalz), Eva Christine Müller (Rheinhessen), Tamara Luisa Elbl (Württemberg), Jana Petermann (Hessische Bergstraße)

All candidates are perfectly prepared for the technical questions. From left to right: Alexandra Unger (Rheingau), Eva Lanzerath (Ahr), Bärbel Ellwanger (Mosel); Reihe hinten: Tamara Luisa Elbl (Württemberg), Anna-Maria Löffler (Pfalz), Eva Christine Müller (Rheinhessen), Jana Petermann (Hessische Bergstraße)