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Wines of Germany with more scenic sights online


The German Wine Institute (DWI) presents its’ main pages / in a new more emotional and modern design. Some 22.000 pages with videos, images and informative texts were restructured in a horizontal fly-out navigation. Furthermore, winelovers can reach the site much quicker now.

“Results of a recent market research motivated us to create a new corporate identity (CI) and redesign the homepage,” says CEO Monika Reule. “Consumers expect an emotional and optically inspiring online appearance. We paid tribute to this desire with a new image clip as well as numerous panoramic pictures illustrating Germany’s versatile wine growing regions. These can now also be accessed through an interactive map for further research or travel preliminaries,” Reule explains. Topical issues are wine- tourism and -knowledge as well as culinary recommendations.

Exceeding two million page impressions (pi) per year and displaying a strong ranking The German Wine Institute’s homepage is the worldwide no. 1 information platform for Wines of Germany.

"We noticed growing international interest in our topic during the past years. With the all new main homepage(s) and improved usability we want to encourage tourists worldwide to come and experience our wines and growing regions," says Head of Communications Dpt. (DWI) Frank R. Schulz.

"On top of the relaunched homepages in English and German language our additional 12 sub sights in export markets worldwide as well as 20 campaign- and socialmedia channels (header) inform about Wines of Germany on a global scale," says Schulz.

Concept, design and technical realization were executed by the agencies Heine Lenz Zizka (hlz) Frankfurt and XIMA Dresden which had prevailed in an European bidding.