Worldwide "Riesling Weeks" in full flow


The campaign weeks around "Riesling & Co." are a popular opportunity for the international wine trade and gastronomy to make wine lovers listen to German wines on a global scale.

This year's global promotion weeks started in Hong Kong in June (Video) and will continue in eleven other countries throughout the end of the year. The events are tailored to the different requirements of the markets and their distance rules and take place with different durations.

RieslingWeeks-Premiere in Taiwan

Due to the difficult circumstances in the catering industry worldwide, the focus of almost all activities is on promotions in retail. For the first time, a Rieslingweek will also take place in Taiwan. Over 90 businesses will take part. The aim of the concerted activities in conjunction with importers, dealers, restaurateurs and producers is to strengthen the image and sales not only for Riesling, but also for the other grape varieties in Germany. In some countries, for example in Canada and Great Britain, the Riesling Weeks take place under the title "31 Days of Riesling".

Global Riesling Week event plan

Video of this years RieslingWeeks-Kickoff



"Riesling Weeks" China - Kick-off event