Worldwide campaign "Riesling Weeks" 2019 starts in Japan


Wines of Germany's worldwide "Riesling & Co" campaigns are a popular measure for the wine trade and gastronomy in the international markets. It draws wine connoisseurs' attention to the outstanding qualities of German wines. In 2019 the series of global German wine events commence in Tokyo, Japan under the title "German Wine Weeks" and last for record breaking five months.

In Canada and the UK, they are repeatedly held as "31 Days of German Riesling" for a full month.

"Riesling Weeks" take place in twelve countries and the events are tailored to the different requirements of the markets. Therefore, they are held at individual times and with different durations: the Rieslingweek in Poland lasts for eight days, in the USA three months under the generic term "Wine Craft" and in Japan for five months under the title "German Wine Weeks".

Global Riesling Week event plan

Video-archive (2017)



Weingenuss in der Weinbar - Enjoying wine in a wine bar