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Meldungen aus dem DWI

The German Wine Questionnaire: Lars Daniels answers

In this expert interview the Dutch wine connoisseur reveals his preferred blend of the best German single-vineyard wines he would enjoy on a lonely island.

Lars Daniëls, MV (highest Dutch wine title, “Magister Vini”), is senior editor at Perswijn Magazine and author for the Danish wine magazine DinVinGuide. In 2019 he was raised to the status of...

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Wines of Germany USA Launches Prost Every Moment Campaign

The German Wine Institute's US-agency has launched a new integrated marketing campaign entitled "Prost Every Moment" that seeks to celebrate all of life’s moments with some added German flare.

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German wine-growing businesses are getting bigger

The concentration process in German viticulture continues. As reported by the German Wine Institute (GWI/DWI) on the basis of surveys by the Federal Statistical Office, the number of businesses cultivating vineyards fell by 20 percent in 2020 compared to 2010 to 15.151 businesses.

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Good conditions for flowering vines in Germany

The vines are currently flowering in Germany's 13 wine regions. Due to optimal weather conditions, the flowering period is proceeding quickly. In fact, it is already complete in the warmer locations, especially for early-ripening grape varieties.


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Why Wines of Germany USA Is Betting on Jermaine Stone

The successful "Wine & Hip Hop TV" entrepreneur Jermaine Stone is expanding its reach in the USA through videos, street culture and music. This is how a more inclusive world of wine is being created on the initiative of 'Wines of Germany USA', reports Dorothy J. Gaiter from

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German Wines Shine at 2021 WINE100

The esteemed WINE100 Competition in China just announced their 2021 winning wines and trophy wines at Hangzhou Kerry Center on 11th June, 2021. And, German wines shine! They have won three of the most important trophies of the competition.


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Where to find German wine across the UK

Wines of Germany UK created a comprehensive list of retailers that will deliver German wine direct to British winelover's door. What a great consumer friendly approach and a role model for many other markets.

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15 years of Generation Riesling - a success story

When the German Wine Institute (DWI) organized the first wine presentation under the title "Generation Riesling", with a group of 25 young German winegrowers on June 8, 2006 in the Imagination Gallery in London, no one suspected that this would be the birth of what has become the largest young winegrowers' association in the world, with currently...

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Vinordic Wine Challenge: New Medal-Record for Germany

The winners of the Vinordic Wine Challenge 2021, Sweden's largest wine competition, have been announced. At the beginning of May, German white wines won numerous medals in the white wine as well as the organic wine segment.

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Ruppertsberger Rosé makes Top Ten in Global Pinot Noir Masters 2021

Some of the finest palates in the world recently awarded a German Pinot Noir Rosé from Pfalz in the top ten wines of the latest Global Masters Competition.

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