The German Wine Questionnaire

The German Wine Questionaire

The German Wine Institute asked leading lights of the international wine scene seven key questions on German wine. Our respondents had to dig deep in their memories, carefully weighing up impressive wines, brilliant occasions and inspiring people to try and chose their definitive answers for every question, with surprising and exciting results.

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Interview with ...

Jancis Robinson MW
Perhaps the world's best-known wine journalist, she writes a weekly wine column in the Financial Times and publishes on
During the interview, she tells us, that she would love to drink a glass of an outstanding German Pinot Noir with Lalou Bize-Leroy from Domaine Leroy to show her that there is a life outside of Burgundy! Continue reading

Lars Daniels MV

He holds the highest Dutch wine title MV "Magister Vini" and, as a trainer at the renowned Dutch wine school "De Wijnacademie", does everything possible to prepare as many talented wine lovers as possible for this title. As the chief editor of the most important Dutch wine magazine "Perswijn Magazine", he has a great influence on the European wine scene.

In an interview, he reveals an interesting mix of outstanding wines, without which he would not survive on a lonely island. Continue reading

Takahiro Yamano

He runs the Japanese import company Herrenberger Hof, working with over 50 German wines. In 2000 Takahiro Yamano was first introduced to German Riesling and in 2009, together with other wine experts, he set up the "Riesling Ring" in Japan - a group that organises annual Riesling events as well as restaurant and retail promotions.

In an interview he tells us which German Riesling gives him superpowers. Continue reading

Peter Kuhn
Peter Kuhn is the expert for German wine in Switzerland. As managing director of the Boucherville wine shop, he started with a few German wines in the 1990s and expanded the portfolio to over 500 wines from Germany. In 2014 he founded his own wine trade - of course you can also find numerous German wines here. He passes on his passion for German wine to his customers and tirelessly contributes to the positive image change of German wines. In 2016 he was awarded the title “Riesling Fellow” for this. Continue reading

Tomasz Prange-Barczyński
Tomasz is one of the most renowned wine critics and journalists in Poland. As a passionate wine lover, he regularly appears on Polish TVand radio while he also writes countless articles for well-known Polish and international media, both in print and online (Playboy, Newsweek, Voyage, Marie Claire, Meininger's Wine Business International).
Tomasz Prange-Barczyński was the founder and editor-in-chief of independent Polish wine magazine "Magazyn Wino" and is now chief editor of"Ferment. Pismo o winie". He has always been a strong advocate of German wines and has played a crucial role in Poland becoming one of the most important export markets for German wine producers.

In an interview, the 2019 Riesling Fellow talks about his passion for German wine which once started with a rather short romance! Continue reading

Šárka Dušková, the Czech candidate for the demanding and prestigious title 'Master of Wine', is one of the most well-known Czech wine journalists and academics- She has her roots in wine journalism and was the editor and editor-in-chief of Víno Revue Magazine. In 2007, she launched the Prague Wine Trophy competition, which is now the largest international wine competition in the Czech Republic. Shortly after, she set herself the goal of making wine knowledge accessible to as many people as possible and in 2009 she founded the Prague Wine Academy, which is a partner of the Austrian Wine Academy in the Czech Republic. She herself completed the WSET Diploma in Wines and Spirits at the Austrian Wine Academy in 2014.

However, we learnt that it was one night in Wachenheim that kindled her love for German wine." Continue reading