Geman Wine Academy

Geman Wine Academy

Under the scientific direction of Dr. Claudia Hammer, the Deutsche Weinakademie (DWA, or German Wine Academy) analyzes, assesses and disseminates informaton on the newest scientifically validated findings on the subject of wine and health as well as social-political issues related to wine. This also includes information on responsible wine consumption.

She is assisted by Ursula Fradera, who is responsible for representing the interests of the DWA on a European level, and among other things, coordinates the European wine sector’s educational and informational campaign to foster responsible wine consumption.

At the front desk Susanne Becker, Eva Friske and Margit Lawen keep an overview and coordinate the various inquiries and activities.

The academy’s overall work is supported by an independent, interdisciplinary, scientific panel of experts which provides the DWA with fresh impetus as well as recommendations on research projects and new fields of activity.Mehr zum Thema „Wein & Gesundheit“:

For more on the subject of "wine ] health":

Department director:
Dr. Claudia Hammer
+49 6135 / 9323 - 143

Project management:
Ursula Fradera
+49 6135 / 9323 - 147
+49 2641 / 9065801

Assisted by: 
Margit Lawen
+49 6135 / 9323 - 145

Assisted by:
Susanne Becker
+49 6135 / 9323 - 146

Assisted by:
Chantal Krämers