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Strong presence for Wines of Germany at 20th Vinexpo Hong Kong

… to 39 Mio. Euro, i.e. 11.5 per cent of total German wine exports.German wine exports to China also rose significantly (37 percent by value and 25 percent by volume). Export revenues of German wine exports to…  

Germans Drinking More White Wine

White wines continue to be popular with German consumers. 45 percent of all wine sold domestically in Germany last year was white, a two percentage point rise over the year prior. The German Wine  

German Wine Exports Rise

… in 2017, to 53,000 hectoliters valued at 12 million euros. German wine exports to China also rose significantly (37 percent by value and 25 percent by volume). Thanks to an average price of 4.59 €/l,…  

Germany's wine estates growing in size

… winegrowers were taken over by others. This is why the average size of German wine-growing estates rose from 4,8 to 5,9 hectares over the past six years.The 29 per cent decline mostly concerned estates with…  

Trend towards white and dry wines in Germany

… white wines now account for 43 per cent of wine sales in Germany. The market share of white wines rose by one percentage point in 2016, at the expense of red wine consumption, and by six per cent compared…  

Germans buy more wine in supermarkets

… in supermarkets last year. In this distribution channel, sales and turnover of domestic wines rose by 8 per cent. “By expanding their range of wines from regional producers, supermarket operators are…  

Rediscovered: Germany´s aromatic grape varieties

… on 6 per cent of the vineyard area.Gewuerztraminer seduces the wine drinker with its scent of roses and sometimes one also finds notes of violets, honey and marzipan. Noble-sweet Auslese wines are…  

Summer of Riesling celebrates Germany’s Most Diverse and Food-Friendly Wine

Consumers, Media and Experts Kick Off Nationwide Promotion in New York City: Wines of Germany USA launched the Summer of Riesling – a nationwide celebration of the most versatile wine – with a food  

German winegrowers plant more white varieties

Wurde in den Falstaff-„Talenteschuppen“ aufgenommen: Victoria Lergenmüller vom Weingut Sankt Annaberg in Burrweiler in der Pfalz … from the Federal Statistical Office, in the period up to 2015 the area devoted to white grapes rose again by approximately 2,700 ha to 67,074 ha.  

Online Wine Sales Booming in Great Britain

… to wine. In the last five years, the number of persons searching online for information about wine rose by 28 percent to 17.2 million. The number posting about or otherwise discussing wine online almost…