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Stuart Pigott on the German Wine Queen and Wines of Germany

…The DWI interviews bloggers and influencers on the subject of "Germany as a wine country". According to Wikipedia, the author and journalist Stuart Pigott is "an unconventional wine critic and internationally one of the…  

A Classy Premiere: The MUNDUS VINI NORDIC Prize Ceremony

… NORDIC competition. The exclusive prize ceremony was held on September 10 at renowned Copenhagen wine sellers Kjær Sommerfeldt, to an audience of selected guests from the wine and fine dining industries.  

One of these finalists will be elected Germany's 71st Winequeen

… und Miriam Kaltenbach (Baden) made it to the finals. One of them will be elected Germany's 71st Winequeen during a live TV-show on Friday, September 27th.  

Main vintage has started in Germany

…The main vintage has started a little earlier than originally expected in many German wine growing areas these days. As the German Wine Institute (DWI) announced, the vines have experienced an enormous development spurt…  

Great Wine Capital Mainz: Best of Wine Tourism-Awards 2020

Ein Wein-Laster, der Wein mit Wandern und Feiern verbindet (hier in den Weinbergen von Nierstein), dazu Kooperationen lebt und qualitativ hochwertig auftritt – für diese Idee zeichnete die Jury die mobile Oldtimer-Weinbar mit einem von sieben Best Of Wine Tourism-Awards 2020 aus. …Which companies or initiatives stand out for their special wine tourism offers? A specialist jury discussed this question in the Great Wine Capital Mainz and found the Rheinhessen Prize winners in seven categories of…  

Japanese influencers visit Germany's wine growing regions

…"Modernity and tradition - German wines as ideal partners for a modern lifestyle". This was the claim of a press trip organized by The German Wine Institute (DWI) for Japanese influencers for the very first time.  

Labor Day: it's meant for aromas, flavors and friends

…When you think of Labor Day, you think of food, wine, family and friends. You may enjoy a trip to the beach, a picnic in the park, an end of summer BBQ blowout or something else. It’s a weekend meant for camaraderie and…  

Optimistic start to the vintage 2019 in Germany

…According to The German Wine Institute (DWI) winelovers can look forward to fresh, fruity new wines regarding the vintage 2019. On the occasion of the vintage start for partially fermented young wine, DWI gives an…  

Germany's Wine Ambassadors' Workshop

…Six weeks before this year's 71st election of the German Wine Queen, the German Wine Institute (DWI) has invited the applicants from twelve German growing regions to a preparatory seminar in Neustadt an der Weinstraße.  

First grapes for the production of new wine harvested in Germany

… press into the barrel.On friday, august 16th, the "Federweissenlese" (harvesting of so called new wine) in Neustadt an der Weinstraße will be officially opened in the Palatinate. From next week on, more…