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Germany's vine blooming in line with 30-year-average

Rebblüte … harvest is expected to start from mid-September, much later than in the very precocious vintage of 2018. Riesling grapes are only expected to be available at the end of September Reach for reading. Overall,…  

Mundus Vini Nordic: German wines for "Nordic palate"

… is rising. Compared to 2017, the value of German wine exports increased in all four countries in 2018: 5.8% in Norway, 4.7% in Sweden, 6.3% in Finland and 17.9% in Denmark.DWI Managing Director Monika…  

Wine export starts positively in the year 2019

… harvest volume. In total, around one million hectolitre (hl) of German wine was exported abroad in 2018.Growing interest of the industry in exportOverall, the DWI notes a growing industry interest in…  

GQ Japan features Germany's cool wines

… editorial staff on a journey through the German wine-growing regions in the middle of September 2018.  

Final figures: 10.4 million hectoliters of wine must 2018

…The national wine production of the vintage 2018 amounts to 10.4 million hectoliters (hl) in Germany. These figures range slightly below the 10.67 hl estimate that had been published in October 2018. The up to date…  

Mundus Vini Nordic: The First Scandinavian Award for German Wines

… export market for German wines. Compared to 2017, the value of German wine exports increased in 2018 in all four countries: +5.8% in Norway, +4.7% in Sweden, +6.3 % in Finland and +17.9% in Denmark. the…  

Germans Reaching for More White than Red

… start of the international ProWein trade fair, 46 percent of all wines purchased in Germany during 2018 were white, followed by 44 percent reds and 10 percent rosé. This represents a one percent market share…  

Rising revenues for German wine sales

…The value of wine sold in Germany rose by roughly one percent in 2018 in a year-over-year comparison. The statistics were measured in a study by the German Wine Institute (DWI) ahead of the ProWein trade fair. The data…  

Average price of German wine exports at a record high

… before. As the German Wine Institute (DWI) reports, the average price for a litre of exported wine in 2018 rose by 15 cents to 3,04 € (prime cost), breaking for the first time the three euro mark. In comparison…  

German and Bordeaux wines: A first promising cooperation in the USA

… all German wine export revenues were generated in the USA during the twelve-month period to November 2018. At the end of November 2018, with almost 200,000 hectoliters worth 280 million euros, the USA is the…