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Data Protection Policy

… a contact form, we will store the communicated data (i.e. your e-mail address, your name and phone number if you indicate them) in order to answer your questions. The data collected in this context will be…



… fragrant Müller-Thurgau (Rivaner) wines with a flowery note. The Silvaner grape thrives in a number of soils and produces full-bodied, earthy wines.



… Spätburgunder, Weißburgunder, Portugieser and Kerner Marketing: There are a large number of part-time wine-growers in the region who sell grapes or bulk wine to commerical wineries and…


Terms of use of online photo archive

… obtain the required client software. Access to the database is only possible with a valid user number and password. Both the DWI and the customer shall keep these details confidential. In case of any…


Freddy Price

… he joined Dolamore, a specialist in German and Bordeaux wines. Here Freddy worked in sales for a number of private customers including Oxford University. He worked up to director level, responsible for…


Quality control testing

… origin, grape variety and quality category stated on the application for the quality control test number (A.P.Nr.). Color and clarity are also evaluated. The tester answers these questions with a simple…



… from the area and well-preserved Roman floor mosaics in the Römerhalle museum. The city also has a number of excellent places to wine and dine and overnight, but our selection focuses on offerings in…



… vineyard ‘im Idischen’ belonging to our gracious lord, the count Palatine.” Since the 14th century, it numbered among the properties of the counts Palatine (and later, electoral princes of the Pfalz). Wines from…



… to their value, with each of the three categories printed in a different color. Wallhäuser Johannisberg numbered among the most valuable sites. In all, the Prussians’ meticulous work yielded a classification of…



… pithy acidity. They are well-suited for – and benefit from – aging. Their elegance comes forth after a number of years in bottle (in contrast to the wines from the adjacent site, Kirchberg, which open up much…