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Wine Tasting

… a tasting. The amount opened is up to you. A small wine tasting can involve 4 - 5 bottles. As the number increases, for example to 12 - 14 wines, the ability of the taste buds to differentiate sometimes…


Quality Control Testing

… has been chemically analyzed and sensory-tested by the official body. The subsequent official test number, which the test committee awards upon passing the wine, must be noted on the label. The three-stage…



… German viticulture. Thanks to the close cooperation between research, science and winemakers, a number of innovations in vineyard and cellar technology have been implemented. This know-how has become an…


Vegan Wine

… Schindler (DWI)Vegan wines in greater demand With the increased demand for vegan products, the number of winegrowers who refer to vegan production on the bottle is also increasing although there is still…


Organic Winegrowing

… from the teaching of the anthroposophist Rudolf Steiner who founded the Waldorf School system. The number of biodynamic winemakers has been growing in recent years. Organic winegrowing in Germany has been…


Sustainability in German Viticulture

… in the wine business.`N GREEN e.V In the last two decades, a number of different programmes for sustainable wine production have emerged worldwide. In 2013, the…


Soil & Sites

… benefit from a longer sunshine duration overall. Germany's total vineyard area is divided into a number of geographical units, large and small, to distinguish between the two fundamental quality categories…



… Since 1970, when only 0,9% of all vineyards in Germany were planted with this grape, the number has increased noticebly. In 2018,  5.4% of the German vineyard area is planted with…


Riesling Weeks

… Norway June 1th – June 21th 2020 13 the lucky number Hongkong June 1st – June 30th 2020 …


Data Protection Policy

… a contact form, we will store the communicated data (i.e. your e-mail address, your name and phone number if you indicate them) in order to answer your questions. The data collected in this context will be…