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Barbecue & Wine

A hearty barbecue with fruity wines During the last couple of years, the classic barbecue has been turned into sophisticated outdoor cooking. The demands on the quality of the meat, fish and…


Asparagus & Wine

Asparagus with Fish, Meat and Ham Fish with Asparagus – fresh salmon or arctic char, poached or lightly sautéed in butter, with a touch of Hollandaise sauce — it doesn't get…


Wine & Cookies

Buttergebäck A classic and a favourite with purists, it is popular in all shapes. The subtle aromas of butter and caramel nuances make for an excellent combination with mild to sweet Pinot Blanc…


Mushrooms, pumpkin & wine

Pumpkin varieties Pumpkin side dishes, prepared with the orange-coloured classic varieties, love to seduce gently. The pumpkin flavours are quite delicate, restrained and easily dominated by the…


Wine & food

Sweet Alliances – Wine and Cookies The fact that wine and sweet desserts can make for a wonderfully harmonious combination is well known by now. However, the idea that Christmas cookies and noble…


Different types of wine

Rosé, Rotling and Schiller wine Not every rosé-colored wine is called "rosé ". The term "Weißherbst" is also frequently used. Common to both, is that they are made from red wine grapes but…


Grape varieties

Grape varieties The wide range of grape varieties cultivated in Germany is impressive, from "A" as in Acolon, to "Z" as in Zweigeltrebe. Whilst almost 140 varieties are planted, around two dozen of…


Rosé wines

How is Rosé wine made? In order to create Rosé, the red grapes are only lightly pressed initially. The so-called mash resulting from this light pressing is then left to rest for a while, to give…



Wine Festivals and Events Find topical wine events, wine seminars or wine fairs in Germany! read moreBest vineyard views Since 2012 Wines of Germany has been electing what it considers to be the…


Walks through Wine Country

On the Wine Trail The 13 German wine regions offer hiking enthusiasts a wide range of experience and enjoyment possibilities. Excellent wineries, wine-cultural highlights and beautiful wine…