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… on labor-intensive stone terraces that help temper the climate. Yields are low and Spätlese or Auslese can be produced only in exceptionally warm years. The wines are labelled as varietals and, with the…



… from light and fruity wines to those that are rich in extract and tannin (of Spätlese and Auslese ripeness). Usually, the wines are extremely dark in color. The bouquet can range from rather quiet to…


Quality categories

… reach an existing alcohol content of at least 7% by volume (the minimum for Beeren-, Trockenbeerenauslese and Eiswein is 5.5% by volume).Chaptalization is never permitted for these wines.Furthermore, one…


Must weights

… - 72 Hochgewächs: 60 - 70 Kabinett: 70 - 82 Spätlese: 76 - 90 Auslese: 83 - 100 Eiswein / BA: 110 - 128 TrockenBA: 150 - 154



… correspondingly lower-quality wine); however, if yields are controlled, the Huxelrebe can produce Auslese and dessert wines even in an average year. Fully ripened Huxelrebe has a rich bouquet and flavor…


Work in the Wineyard & Cellar

… sloping sites the vines are often harvested mechanically. The grapes for Beeren- and Trockenbeerenauslese, however, must be picked by hand. The law also requires growers to submit a final harvest report,…


Crystals in Wine

… crystallize in young wines, they are most likely to precipitate in older, top-quality wines, such as Auslese, Beerenauslese or Trockenbeerenauslese. The tiny crystals that form on the bottom of the cork or on…


Ocean meets Wine

… want to try and combine oysters with noble sweet wines, as the Russian tsars used to do. A Riesling Auslese or Beerenauslese from the Moselle or the Middle Rhine region that has aged for a long time is an…


Hot Spot

… I used to have about 30 of his wines on the list, now about 15, the oldest from 1949, a fine Auslese, a Riesling, of course.Do you also sell it?Jianhua Wu: I only have the one bottle but it is on…


The Kurpfalz-Weinstuben

… Pfalz wines with a good selection of older vintages as far back as a 1983 Kallstadter Saumagen Auslese.The new owner and sommelier Vincenzo Berényi and his chef have also skillfully combined the…