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German Wines and Nordic Cuisine

… Venison, salsify, and parsley puree with a red wine sauceSweden – Wine Recommendation: 2-3 year old Baden or Pfalz Spätburgunder. read moreSalted cod, dirt smoked lamb, whey bbq and cauliflowerIceland – Wine…



… Forest east of the Rhine, in the Hessische Bergstraße region) and the Schwarzwald (Black Forest in Baden). On a clear day, it’s possible to see the silhouettes of the cathedral in Speyer (a UNESCO World…


Elisabethenberg and Olgaberg

… Viticultural Tradition Vines have been cultivated in the Bodensee and Hegau districts of southern Baden for at least as long ago as Roman times. At the hand of the Franks and later, the church and the…


Homburger Kallmuth

… with vineyards and orchards. The wines of three regions can be found along the Tauber: Franken, Baden and Württemberg. After a series of loops just south of Wertheim, the Tauber flows upstream to Bad…



… The hilly vineyards lining the route belong to both the Hessische Bergstraße (northern stretch) and Baden (southern portion) wine-growing regions.  This famous site, Kalkgasse (literally, chalk…



… world. Red wine fans: mid-October GWA....tour red-wine country in Württemberg, Baden, and the southern Pfalz The "Three B's of the Pfalz" Speaking of the "Three B's of the Pfalz",…


Asparagus & Wine

… a truly delicious pairing try Weißburgunder, Grauburgunder or Chardonnay such as those from Baden.   Wine and Asparagus PairingsAsparagus Seeks Wine, for Pairing and Partnership…


Hisashi & Takahiro Yamano

… Yamano built up the company with a lot of dedication. In 2000 he spent a year at Weingut Huber in Baden, becoming an expert in winemaking and German wine in particular.His son, Takahiro Yamano also spent…



… where most of his wines are sourced – the Mosel.There is also a good representation of wines from Baden, Rheinhessen, the Pfalz and the Nahe wine regions. However, Rink receives special praise for his talent…


Fondue & Raclette

… with melted Gruyère, white wine and spices. A powerful Pinot Gris or Pinot Blanc, for instance from Baden, is the right companion for this rich dish. Traditional side dishes for the cheese fondue are mixed…