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News from the Cellar: 2020 is an excellent Vintage in Germany

The 2020 vintage in Germany has produced very good quality and with an estimated 8.6 million hectoliters nationwide, is only slightly below the average harvest yield. The German Wine Institute (DWI)  

Eva Lanzerath from the Ahr is the 72nd German Wine Queen!

The new German Wine Queen for 2020/2021 is Eva Lanzerath from the Ahr. Completing the trio of German wine majesties is Anna-Maria Löffler from the Pfalz and Eva Müller from Rheinhessen who have both  

Young Winemaker of the Year 2020 awarded by the DLG

The DLG (German Agricultural Society) has announced the best Young Winemakers of the Year 2020. Numerous talented young winemakers from many winegrowing regions in Germany competed for the German  

Wine Queen candidates test their specialist knowledge

The seven contenders for the crown of the new German Wine Queen confidently proved their wine expertise in both German and English during the one-hour contest in the SWR broadcasting studio in Mainz.  

Rheinhessen - Hiwweltour Heideblick

Rheinhessen - Hiwweltour HeideblickThis Heideblick tour around Siefersheim and Neu-Bamberg leads to breathtaking views and right into the middle of a magnificent heath landscape, the Heidetraum. The  

IWSC 2020: Wines from Franken win Gold in London

Statt auf ein Glas Rosé an den Sandstränden Europas trafen sich die Juroren des IWSC im August in London, um mit einigen Monaten Verspätung die diesjährige IWSC doch noch zu einem guten Ende zu bringen. Foto: Veranstalter At the renowned International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC) 2020, five German wines won gold medals, three of them from Franken. The results are usually published much earlier, but have now been  

Best organic wines in Germany chosen

Organic wines from all over Germany were judged by an expert jury from the ECOVIN association at the end of August. The golden EcoWinner medal offers wine lovers some orientation when shopping for  

Deutsche Bahn serving modern German wines

From September 1st, travellers on long-distance Deutsche Bahn trains can look forward to a very modern selection of wines from the local winegrowing regions.Deutsche Bahn has selected well-known  

Lorsch Abbey: Databank of German Viticultural History

Lorsch Abbey: Databank of German Viticultural HistoryProbably no other place in Germany has done as much to preserve viticultural history as Lorsch Abbey. A countless number of communities within an  

Schloss Johannisberg: The Divine Origins of Spätlese

Schloss Johannisberg: The Divine Origins of SpätleseThis is legendary ground. It is where the famed rider was heading in 1775, with a delayed message from the Prince-Abbot to begin what was by then