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Paul Grieco

… the "Outstanding Wine, Beer or Spirits Professional" award in 2012, Paul has also run many events promoting German Riesling to consumers; in particular his “Summer of Riesling” which was first…


Geile Weine

… concert, at others as an art exhibition, a party or picnic. So be sure to keep an eye on upcoming Berlin events By the way, the “Wine Moments” party series is also moving to many other German cities.Geile Weine…



… and many liquid examples, without one having to leave the location. Edel&Faul (wine events) Krüger, Schimanek & Stumpf GbR Veteranenstr. 16 10119 Berlin Tel.: 0172 1594097 …


Eisaku Kurokawa

… title of German Weinkenner. Since 1991, they have organised German Wine Festivals and other tasting events across Japan and established April 28th as “German Wine Day” in Japan. Eisaku Kurokawa has played an…


Who we are

… work and public relations; implementation of PR and informative campaigns as well as appropriate events; organization of and participation in trade fairs and exhibitions as well as supporting participation…



… will be elected. During her term of office, the Wine Queen represents the German wine at numerous events and appointments at home and abroad, even as far away as Canada or Japan. The German Wine Institute…