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Eisaku Kurokawa

Eisaku Kurokawa Eisaku Kurokawa is the president of the Japanese import company Fushimi Wines. His dedication for German wine is strongly connected with his commitment to develop the German Wine


Fongyee Walker

Fongyee Walker Fongyee Walker is the co-founder, with Edward Ragg, of Dragon Phoenix Wine Consulting, Beijing’s first and fully independent wine consulting and education service (est. 2007). She


Fondue & Raclette

Cheese fondue  is mostly prepared with melted Gruyère, white wine and spices. A powerful Pinot Gris or Pinot Blanc, for instance from Baden, is the right companion for this rich dish.


Barbecue & Wine

A hearty barbecue with fruity wines During the last couple of years, the classic barbecue has been turned into sophisticated outdoor cooking. The demands on the quality of the meat, fish and


Mushrooms, pumpkin & wine

Pumpkin varieties Pumpkin side dishes, prepared with the orange-coloured classic varieties, love to seduce gently. The pumpkin flavours are quite delicate, restrained and easily dominated by the



Rosie (Aperitif)  4 cl Campari 1 cl orange liqueur 8 cl grapefruit juice 5 cl Rieslingsekt or Pinot Blanc Sekt brut Quickly shake the Campari, liqueur and juice in a shaker with 3


Who we are

The German Wine InstituteThe Deutsches Weininstitut (DWI, or German Wine Institute) is the German wine industry's marketing organization responsible for the generic promotion of the quality and


New Wine ("Federweißer")

… the bottle, it should always be sealed with a closure that is permeable to…



’18/’19 Deutscher Wein Statistik 2 V o rw o rt / F o r e w o r d Weinmarkt 2017 Der Jahrgang 2017 hat gute bis sehr gute Qualitäten bei oft geringen Erträgen hervorgebracht. Starke Fröste im



2017 / 2018 Deutscher Wein Statistik 2 V o rw o rt / F o r e w o r d Weinmarkt 2016 Angesichts eines weltweiten Weinüberangebots und eines rückläufigen Weinkonsums, insbesondere in wichtigen