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Riesling & Co. Tokyo: Japanese pro's enjoyed 'Wines of Germany'

… versatility and food-matching capabilities of German Rieslings to consumers as well as other grape varieties (like Pinots!) at all price points.Encouraged by the great success, the German Wine Institute…  

Summer of Riesling celebrates Germany’s Most Diverse and Food-Friendly Wine

… wine – with a food and wine experience on June 25th that paired Germany’s most complex and refreshing grape with unexpected and diverse dishes.  

Forbes sees "buzz" for Wines of Germany

… new 'Generation Riesling' image. The new "hyperbole" eases the way for Germany's other grape varieties e.g. Pinots (Blanc, Gris, Noir) called "Weiss"-, "Grau"- und…  

German winegrowers plant more white varieties

Wurde in den Falstaff-„Talenteschuppen“ aufgenommen: Victoria Lergenmüller vom Weingut Sankt Annaberg in Burrweiler in der Pfalz …Following a period of steady growth until 2006, the vineyard area of red grapes in Germany has since recorded a slight downward trend. As the German Wine Institute (DWI) announced on the basis of figures from the…  

Generation Riesling is 10 years young

… and distinctive as possible. They don't have any problem with the fact that the wines of some grapes and vineyard sites need only a little fine tuning to reach their optimum whereas others need turning…  

Wines of Germany announces another five new "Riesling Fellows"

… …, was preceded by a tasting showcasing a selection of top Riesling wines as well as other German grape varieties like Spätburgunder. CEO of the German Wine Institute Monika Reule said, “Japan, China and…  

Generation Riesling welcomes its 500th member

… Schuetz from "WeinGut Schuetz" in Hoepfigheim.Schuetz, who in 2009 took over the small, part-time grape-growing business of his father in the Wuerttemberg wine region, is now the 500th member of Generation…  

Current trends in wine country Germany

… important internationally. In Germany´s wine regions – at the northern end of the world´s viticulture -, grapes have a very long time to ripen and are thus able to build up an especially large range of aroma…  

Wines of Germany presents medal winners at ProWein 2016

Unter dem Motto „Best of the Best“ präsentiert das Deutsche Weininstitut (DWI) in diesem Jahr auf der Fachmesse ProWein Siegerweine von nationalen und internationalen Wettbewerben. … to the increasing number of foreign visitors.This year is the 100th anniversary of the Scheurebe grape and in recognition the German Wine Institute will be hosting a tasting which will convey the great…  

Germany puts quality before quantity in wine exports

Mehr als ein Viertel ihrer gesamten Erlöse erzielen die deutschen Weinexporteure mittlerweile in den USA … years were also responsible for this. Overall, wine exports held an 11 percent share of last year´s grape must yields."Due to the increased average price, the revenue decline in wine exports of five…