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Many vineyards were still planted with several grape varieties side by side as late as the 19th century. This all practically came to a standstill however, when at the end of the 1800s, the vine…


Quality Categories

Quality CategoriesGerman Landwein German Landwein is one of the wines with a protected geographical indication. It is an uncomplicated wine that is typical of its region. Landwein is mainly…


Must Weights

Must Weights The must weight already reveals something about the expected quality of the wine. It is measured in degrees Oechsle (abbreviated ° Oe); named after its inventor, the Württemberg…


Speciality & Regional Wines

Rheingau: ‘Erstes Gewächs’ (First growth) The Rheingau Winegrowers' Association is responsible for and owner of the quality seal ‘Erstes Gewächs’. They have scientifically assessed the region and…


The Label

The diverse information on a label is actually to the consumer's advantage, yet there are many who find it overwhelming, particularly if there is no personnel on hand at the point of sale to offer…


Wine Crystals

How do Crystals Develop in Wine? Riper grapes have higher levels of tartaric acid. The longer grapes ripen on the vine, the longer they have to absorb minerals from the soil. Little by little…


Brandy and Spirits

Trester(brand) - Brandy Distilled from Grape Pomace Grape-based brandies are excellent digestifs and the perfect way to end a fine meal. Trester is the German equivalent of French Marc or…


Grapeseed Oil

Grapeseed oil Grapeseed oil is extracted from dried grape seeds. One liter of cold-pressed, unfiltered grapeseed oil is obtained from 50 kg of grape seeds. The oil is very aromatic. Its…


Wine Growing Regions

Sachsen Sachsen is Germany's easternmost and smallest wine-growing region.  Its recorded viticultural history dates from 1161 when the Church and aristocracy were responsible for the…



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