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New study on the Consumption of Alcohol-free Wines

… of prosperity, and disproportionately, in terms of age groups, by those whose children have left home.Around a third of those who do not consume alcohol-free sparkling or still wine, prefer other…  

"Wines of Germany China" continues to expand its digital presence

… content to give consumers recommendations on how to prepare popular Chinese and Japanese dishes at home and which German wines go with them. In addition, four videos about wine and food combinations will be…  

Glamping - a night in a luxurious wine barrel

…Camping and motorhome trips are top of the list for holiday ideas in Germany, especially in 2020. Why not enjoy the sunset from a campsite surrounded in vines?  

"The Best Rosé of 2020" comes from Germany

… barrel ageing/fermenting or deliberate decisions of winemakers (e.g. bottling without filtration)Homepage Rosé Championship (external link)More News"The Best Rosé of 2020" comes from Germany  

Holidays in the vineyards - winegrowers offer camper pitches

… German wine regions.What could be nicer than cruising through picturesque vine landscapes in a motorhome - combining the pleasant with the useful: the wonderful landscapes on the one hand and - after the trip,…  

Theme weeks: social media firework about Wines of Germany

… media.The trio of the German wine queen and the wine princesses inspired their fans from their home offices with recipes from their "Crowned Kitchen" series and invited them to three royal online live…  

Spotlight on Germany's regional grape varieties

Grill Barbecue with Wine … heroes” from the 13 winegrowing regions in a virtual wine tasting. If you want to taste the wine at home, you can still order the limited wine packages until midnight today (Monday). The DWI is donating the…  

Riesling remains King: Dutch and Belgians celebrate

… because of the corona pandemic, the "Koningsdag" turns into a "Woningsdag". It will be celebrated at home - with a national toast and serenade for King Willem-Alexander from all living rooms. And this time with…  

Best Vineyard Views 2020 announced

…From February 10 to March 15, more than 10,000 people participated in a public online vote on the homepage of the German Wine Institute (DWI), for the "Best Vineyard Views 2020" in each of the German wine regions.  

Riesling’s birthday on March 13 was celebrated worldwide

… the global image of the 13 German growing regions like no other grape variety. Germany is the home of Riesling, with around 23,800 hectares comprising 45 percent of all world Riesling.The relationship…