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Detailed vintage-2017-report in Germany's 13 wine regions

… most German wine regions the harvest was completed very early, with only a very few estates leaving grapes in the vineyard for a possible ice wine production. The qualities harvested are on the whole very…  

Main grape harvest coming early in 2017

…This year's main vintage commenced in Germany. Since grapes ripened unusually early, harvesting of Pinot, Müller-Thurgau, Dornfelder and in parts even Riesling grapes has already begun in many German winegrowing regions.  

Kick-off for German Federweißer harvest

… the new fermenting wine of this year, officially started in Neustadt, Germany. The first grapes of Solaris, an early-maturing variety, had ripened well. In the coming days, harvest for the "new…  

White Pinot Varieties Ascendant in Germany

… with this aromatic variety, representing year-on-year growth of seven percent. Two other aromatic grapes, Gewürztraminer (965 ha) and Gelber Muskateller (346 ha), also saw increased cultivation. German…  

German winegrowers face tough competition worldwide

… of 28%. Besides Riesling, there has been a steady increase in demand in Norway for other white wine grapes and now also Spätburgunder.Exports to Switzerland have also experienced a very dynamic development…  

Icewine 2016/17: Germany's lucky strike

Deutsche Weinprinzessin Christina Schneider freut sich über die erste Eisweinernte in diesem Jahr bei -9,7° C …The current icewine-season 2016/17 turned out to be very successful for Germany. Deeply frozen grapes were being harvested starting november 21st 2016 in Saxony. After insular reports from that region most of the other…  

Germany's 2016 vintage: A detailed report from all regions

Weine aus Steillagen, wie hier an der Mosel, werden bei dem Wettbewerb „Mondial des Vins Extremes“ alljährlich prämiert. Steillagenwinzer von der Mosel und vom Mittelrhein erreichten die meisten Goldmedaillen für Deutschland. … Find The German Wine Institute's (DWI) detailed report below (pdf). Fully ripe and very healthy grapes could be harvested across the country thanks to the perfect late summer weather.  

Germany, world's largest consumer market for sparkling wine

… for every German adult, and child. The large Sekt-producing companies (Sektkellereien) purchase bulk grapes or base wine on a large scale for producing their sparkling wines, whereas Winzersekt is produced…  

Indian summer has German winegrowers smiling

Wurde in den Falstaff-„Talenteschuppen“ aufgenommen: Victoria Lergenmüller vom Weingut Sankt Annaberg in Burrweiler in der Pfalz … A long ripening period with warm days and cool nights promotes the development of aromas in the grapes, resulting in the fruit-driven wines typical for Germany.As the German Wine Institute (DWI) announced,…  

Rediscovered: Germany´s aromatic grape varieties

… or blue cheese is a particular delight.MuskatellerMuskateller is one of the oldest white wine grapes, whose origins can in all probability be traced back to Asia Minor. The Muskateller family has many…