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Germany puts quality before quantity in wine exports

Mehr als ein Viertel ihrer gesamten Erlöse erzielen die deutschen Weinexporteure mittlerweile in den USA German wine exporters continued to focus on higher added value last year by exporting better-quality products but had to accept losses in terms of volume. As the German Wine Institute (DWI) announced  

Germany: Producers sell more wine in supermarkets

Supermärkte werden als Absatzschiene für deutsche Weinerzeuger immer wichtiger … share of 16 percent, France with 13 percent and Spain eight per cent.The shares of red, white and rosé wine in household purchases in 2015 remained unchanged. As in the previous year, red wine accounted for…  

Icewine crowns the 2015 vintage in Germany

Eisweinlese 2010 01 … Weinfactum Württemberg   Weingut Jürgen Ellwanger Württemberg Muskat-Trollinger Rosé Weingut Schloß Affaltrach Württemberg Trollinger Weingut Zimmerle Württemberg   …  

Global trend for Rosé wine - Germany third largest market

Rosé is regarded as the ideal summer wine. Germany's consumers are not the only one's that love it. According to latest OIV data, sales figures have been rising worldwide during the past years.  

Germany: Dry Wines Ascendant

… across Germany. The statistics show that 59 percent were white, 30 percent red and 11 percent rosé.Roughly 90 percent of all annual produced wines are submitted for quality testing each year, with the…