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… The Forum is the largest wine bar and a place where after 8 p.m. renowned red and white, as well as sparkling wines can be tasted dynamically. “Dynamically” means that you get what Jürgen Stumpf has just…



… ice. Just before serving, add a bottle of German Winzersekt and enjoy.Here comes a glass full of (sparkling) wine and the sun There’s really not much you can do wrong with this fruity cocktail – if you keep…


Wine Spritzers

… aromas too much. As far as the carbonic acid content is concerned, we suggest medium to strongly sparkling mineral water. And if you have a really sweet tooth, you can try and prepare your wine spritzer…


Sparkling: Sekt

Sparkling wine (Winzersekt): not only for individualistsDesignations of styles for Sekt defined by German wine law The designations for the styles of Sekt are different from those of wine, because the natural…



… shake the Campari, liqueur and juice in a shaker with 3 ice cubes. Pour in a highball glass and add sparkling wine. Decorate with half a slice of orange.  Jamaica Dream 10 cl Pinot Noir dry…


Terms of use of online photo archive

… The photos may be used exclusively in connection with topics concerning German wines and sparkling wines. The photos may be used for press purposes only. Different terms and conditions apply for…



… last fiscal year for the wine industry, a 0.2 liter drop over the year prior. If the consumption of sparkling wine (a stable 3.5 liters) is included in that figure, then Germans consumed 24.4 liters of wine on…



… Andere Likörweine / Other Liqueur wines Aromatisierte Weine / Aromatized wines Schaumwein gesamt / Sparkling wine total Champagner / Champagne Anderer Schaumwein / Other sparkling wine Wein mit Überdruck…



… 6 29.12.15 12:43 t h e l a b e l – t h e w i n e ’ s b i rt h c e rt i f i c at e 7 SPARKLING WINE Sekt, Winzersekt (a vintner’s vintage sparkling varietal), and Secco (a take on the slightly…



…ate a wine or wine type together, such as the “Rheingauer Leichtsinn” (Rheingau Improvidence), a summer-fresh sparkling wine; or they are committed to a particular grape variety like the group “Frank & Frei,” which has…