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New online series with market information on export markets

… Switzerland 24.06.2021 Marketinfo Finland 29.07.2021 Marketinfo Sweden 26.08.2021 Marketinfo Sparkling Wine (länderübergreifend) 30.09.2021 Marketinfo China 28.10.2021 Marketinfo Poland 25.11.2021…  


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…우아한 페트롤향을 보여주는데, 이 는 많은 애호가들에게 아주 높은 평가를 받는다. 리슬링과 같은 뛰어난 품종은 아주 다양한 부분에 서 강점을 보여주는데, 예를 들어 빈쩌젝트(winegrower’s sparkling wine)부터 가벼운 카비넽와 인, 우아한 슈패트레제, 귀한 아이스와인이 그러 하고, 드라이, 미디엄 드라이 또는 노블스위트와인 까지 맛을 가리지 않는다. 리슬링은 이러한 다양…  

Consumption of wine per capita increased

… Monika Reule.Germany ranks fourth among the world's largest consumer marketsThe consumption of sparkling wine however, did not benefit from this development. In the past wine year, a total of 2.6 million…  

The 15 best sparkling German wines awarded in Denmark

…Germany's 15 best sparkling wines on the Danish market have been selected from 61 wines. Those made from Riesling rated highly, but those made from traditional grape varieties used to produce champagne also won acclaim…  

Outlook: The German Wine Institute's Communication Work

… wine institute, monika reule, german wine queen, riesling, pinot noir, pinot grapes, german sparkling wine, sekt, wine communication,  

@deutscheweine's tweetbook

URL: /fileadmin/user_upload/Website/Aktuelles/Presse/2020/TweetBOOK_2020_deutscheweine.pdf
… 100 gehen. Aber etwas Umsatz ist besser al… 11:42 The World Is Thirsty For #Sparkling Wines, But Which Are The Winners? via @forbes #Germany……  

@gen_riesling's tweetbook

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…PerlenimGlas ὠὠὠ 12'th May, 2020 12:59 The theme #perlenimglas is being enjoyed by #sparkling #wine fans on #socialmedia 18 video… 18:23 in…  

Good sales mean that German wine stocks are falling

… a publication by the Federal Statistical Office revealed, the quantities of stored German wines and sparkling wines as recorded on July 31, 2020, had decreased by 7.4 percent. The wine stock is now 8. 4…  

Federal Wine Award: Weingut Bretz - Wine Producer of the Year

Das Weingut Ernst Bretz aus Bechtolsheim/Rheinhessen wurde von der Deutschen Landwirtschaftsgesellschaft als Winzer des Jahres 2020 mit dem Bundesehrenpreis in Gold ausgezeichnet. …The award for “Wine Producer of the Year” at this year's national wine and sparkling wine awards went to the Ernst Bretz winery from Bechtolsheim in Rheinhessen. The wine cooperative Britzingen / Markgräflerland eG from…  

Special prizes awarded for the Best Red Wine Cuvées

… individual varieties. This form of cuvée is used in particular in the production of branded wines and sparkling wines, where the consumer expects a consistent taste profile.German red wine cuvées contain both…