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Hew Blair

… - and the fact that sommeliers love German wines." Now Chairman and Buying Director of the…


Sebastian Thomas

…Sebastian Thomas brought a love of fine German wines to Howard Ripley when he joined in 2000. The supplier now has one…


Asparagus & Wine

… slightly nuttier yet mild spice. The sweet nuances of the asparagus and the saltiness of the ham…


Wine Places in Berlin

… worth” system. You eat, you drink – not plonk but estate wines – and afterwards instead of a bill on the table you…


Jeannie Cho Lee

… Riesling she wrote the book “Perfect Pairings – German Wines & Asian Flavours” and showed how good German…


Ian Ford

… in mind of leading the Chinese market in imported wines and more in the future.Now also the marketer and…


David Schildknecht

… Wine Advocate. Since 2015, he has reported on wines of Germany, Austria and parts of France for Antonio…


François Langbeen

… already he started his own company, importing German wines – now he is presenting wines from nine regions. His…


Peter Kuhn

… Germany. In the beginning almost exclusively to sweet wines. Only since the mid-1990s, the dry Rieslings…


Max Gerstl

… was one of the first Swiss to import German wines. He started in a time where only a very limited…