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Germany, world's largest consumer market for sparkling wine

"Germans have a lot of Sekt", state Dr. Jamie Goode and Treve Ring in their latest topical online publication: "Sekt, of course, is the German term for sparkling wine, and last year (2015) Germans… "A Riesling fit for Donald Trump"

German enologist Simon Batarseh has a riesling tip for President-elect Donald Trump: "I recommend the 2013 Rüdesheim Berg Schlossberg, because it's a bit more mature and stimulates thought and…  

Germany's Sommelier Cup 2016 goes to Timo Weisheidinger

Timo Weisheidinger (middle), sommelier at Lukas Restaurant, Schärding, Austria, won Germany's "Sommelier-Cup 2016". Second placed is sommelier Maximilian Wilm (left), gourmet restaurant Seven Seas…  

'Wine Saves Life' welcomes Germany's Wine Queen as new patron

Germany's Wine Queen is the new patron of Wine Saves Life, a non-profit association supporting aid projects for children and young people in Germany and abroad. On the occasion of the fifteenth…  

New 'German Wine Boutique' in Canada

The latest 'German Wine Boutique' was officially opened in Waterloo, Ontario, southwest of Toronto, Canada this october. A group of 50 media- and wine trade guests gathered to hear representatives…  

Germany's grape harvest in 2016: volume per region better than originally expected

In most German winegrowing areas, a very relaxed 2016 harvest is drawing to a close. At the time of writing, in few regions picking is still underway for the late-ripening varieties such as Riesling…  

Germany´s 68th Wine Queen is Lena Endesfelder from the Mosel

Die 68. Deutsche Weinkönigin heißt Lena Endesfelder The new German Wine Queen is Lena Endesfelder from the Mosel wine region. Two new wine princesses complete the trio of German wine majesties: Mara Walz from Wuerttemberg and Christina Schneider from…  

Indian summer has German winegrowers smiling

Wurde in den Falstaff-„Talenteschuppen“ aufgenommen: Victoria Lergenmüller vom Weingut Sankt Annaberg in Burrweiler in der Pfalz As the main harvest gets underway, growers in Germany´s wine regions are looking forward to a good quality vintage in 2016. Thanks to the excellent late summer weather, grape ripening has improved…  

The German Wine Queen – A Global Ambassador

During an entertaining tv challenge last week, six out of 13 regional 'Wine Queen' candidates made their way through the semi-finals of this year's contest. In order to become Germany's Wine Queen…  

Rediscovered: Germany´s aromatic grape varieties

In the last ten years, aromatic grape varieties have been experiencing a bit of a renaissance both at home and abroad. The younger generation in particular appreciate their intense aroma, which comes…