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Wine & food

… Sunday in extraordinary times. How about a 3-course Easter menu prepared together with the right wines?  Here are some suggestions. Read moreWine and Sweet Treats The fact that wine and sweet…


Wines of Germany

Wineries Here you can find an overview of wine producers with contacts, information about wines and grape varieties they are growing as well as services. find wineriesImporter of German Wine Wines from Germany can…


Easter Treats

… of families is also possible. How about a 3-course Easter menu prepared together with the right wines? Silvaner - An all-rounder for the Easter menu     Carrot Soup with Scallops …


Wine Blogs

… …


Wine & more

Wine Vinegar Wine lovers are increasingly discovering wine vinegar as a delicious enhancement to culinary delights. read moreGrapeseed Oil Other nutritious products, such as grapeseed oil, can also be derived from…


Cabernet Sauvignon

… contain an especially large amount of pips, anthocyanins and tannins, which produce deeply-coloured wines ideally suited to ageing in barrique (225-litre) casks, as well as long-term cellaring. Cabernet…


Red Grapes

… new varieties that is predicted to have a rosy future. It delivers fiery, almost Mediterranean wines. read moreAcolon - fine fruit, good structure This red wine variety grown in Weinsberg in Württemberg…


Wine growing regions

…SachsenSachsen is Germany's easternmost and smallest wine-growing region. read moreWürttembergApart from the urban centers of Stuttgart and Heilbronn, Württemberg is a rural, hilly countryside with vineyards and…


Vintner Stories

Winegrowers tell their stories Thousands of winegrowers in Germany's 13 wine regions work dusk to dawn fulfilling their own personal vision of what wine can and should be. Their talent and passion throughout the year…


Walks through Wine Country

…On the Wine Trail The 13 German wine regions offer hiking enthusiasts a wide range of experience and enjoyment possibilities. Excellent wineries, wine-cultural highlights and beautiful wine panoramas line the routes…