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…Spätburgunder In Germany, the Spätburgunder is to red wine what the Riesling is to white wine: the cream of the crop. In fact, Germany is the world's third largest producer of Pinot Noir. The German name for the…


White Grapes

… ancient white variety, is an early-ripening and very fruitful grape that makes light, piquant wines that often are used for sparkling wine. read moreFaberrebe The prolific Rheinhessen grape…


Grape varieties

… These account for a good third of the 103,079 hectares of vineyards in 2019. In the case of red wine varieties, Pinot Noir and Dornfeld cultivation are of the greatest importance. Germany now produces…



Wine Festivals and Events Find topical wine events, wine seminars or wine fairs in Germany! read moreBest vineyard views Since 2012 Wines of Germany has been electing what it considers to be the “Best Vineyard Views”…


Walks through Wine Country

…On the Wine Trail The 13 German wine regions offer hiking enthusiasts a wide range of experience and enjoyment possibilities. Excellent wineries, wine-cultural highlights and beautiful wine panoramas line the routes…



… Johannisberg Site Although Johannisberg has long been recognized as a top site in the Nahe wine-growing region, it has suffered the fate of many a steep, labor-intensive site in German wine country:…


Outstanding Vinotheks

…Outstanding Vinotheks In 2016 the German Wine Institute (DWI) issued 50 awards for outstanding vinotheks from the 13 German wine growing regions. They were selected according to strict quality criteria from around 200…


Red Grapes

… new varieties that is predicted to have a rosy future. It delivers fiery, almost Mediterranean wines. read moreAcolon - fine fruit, good structure This red wine variety grown in Weinsberg in Württemberg…


Vintner Stories

Winegrowers tell their stories Thousands of winegrowers in Germany's 13 wine regions work dusk to dawn fulfilling their own personal vision of what wine can and should be. Their talent and passion throughout the year…


Global Offices

… RUSSLAND Wines of Germany Serafimovicha, 2, of. 233 119072 Moskau Tel: +7 495 281 51 25 Mob: +7 964 500 25 27 E-Mail: tatjana.boehm(at) Internet: Contact: Mrs. Tatiana Böhm…