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Fondue & Raclette

…Cheese fondue  is mostly prepared with melted Gruyère, white wine and spices. A powerful Pinot Gris or Pinot Blanc, for instance from Baden, is the right companion for this rich dish. Traditional side dishes for…


Wine & Cookies

… an excellent combination with mild to sweet Pinot Blanc or Silvaner Auslese. The fruitiness of the wine adds an elegant note to the combination. If the pastry is very fluffy, a semi-dry to mild Winzersekt…


Barbecue & Wine

…A hearty barbecue with fruity wines During the last couple of years, the classic barbecue has been turned into sophisticated outdoor cooking. The demands on the quality of the meat, fish and vegetables used have…


Mushrooms, pumpkin & wine

… The pumpkin flavours are quite delicate, restrained and easily dominated by the more expressive wine varieties. Consequently, delicate flavours are in high demand. Silvaner, Rivaner and Chasselas from…



… Campari, liqueur and juice in a shaker with 3 ice cubes. Pour in a highball glass and add sparkling wine. Decorate with half a slice of orange.  Jamaica Dream 10 cl Pinot Noir dry 4 cl…


Who we are

…The German Wine InstituteThe Deutsches Weininstitut (DWI, or German Wine Institute) is the German wine industry's marketing organization responsible for the generic promotion of the quality and sales of German wine


New Wine ("Federweißer")

…How to handle Federweißer correctly Owing to the high demand for the new wine, Federweißer is on offer all over Germany these days and can be bought in supermarkets as well as specialist wine stores. But you…



… Weine unangefochten Marktführer im Weißwein­ sektor sind. V o rw o rt / F o r e w o r d 3 2017 Wine Market The 2017 vintage was characterized by very good quality but in many cases low yields. This can be…



… einem Plus von 39 Cent im Vergleich zum Vorjahr entspricht. V o rw o rt / F o r e w o r d 3 The Wine Market in 2016 Against the backdrop of a global surplus of wine inventory and weakening wine



…Riesling Germany‘s white star Wines of Germany 2 one grape, endless possibilities “Wines of Germany offer best value for money in every price category.” Joe Wadsack, BBC London one grape, endless…