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Taste & Quality

…ic - has class, tastes classy Since the vintage 2000, the term ‘Classic’ has stood for above-average quality wines that taste harmoniously dry and can be combined with many dishes.Selection - top quality dry wines…


Viticulture & Winemaking

…Climate and Weather The longer ripening period for grapes north of the Alps yields fresher, fruitier wines. read moreWork in the Vineyard Harvest is certainly the most exciting moment for the winemaker and when it is…


Different types of wine

…Rosé, Rotling and Schiller wine Not every rosé-colored wine is called "rosé ". The term "Weißherbst" is also frequently used. Common to both, is that they are made from red wine grapes but processed like white wine


Sparkling: Sekt

…Sparkling wine (Winzersekt): not only for individualistsDesignations of styles The designations for the styles of Sekt as defined by German Wine Law are different from those of wine, because the natural carbonic acid…


Brandy and Spirits

… from grape pomace, the "leftovers" from pressing, i. e. grape skins; pips; bits of pulp, must and wine; and dead yeast cells. This fruity, pungent spirit is a popular digestif.Hefebrand or Weinhefe -…


Mulled Wine

…Mulled wine – pleasure in the cold season The adding of spices to wine has a very long tradition in the world of wine. The Romans already flavoured some of their wine with sugar and spices to make it more pleasurable…



… Campari, liqueur and juice in a shaker with 3 ice cubes. Pour in a highball glass and add sparkling wine. Decorate with half a slice of orange.  Jamaica Dream 10 cl Pinot Noir dry 4 cl…


New Wine ("Federweißer")

…How to handle Federweißer correctly Owing to the high demand for the new wine, Federweißer is on offer all over Germany these days and can be bought in supermarkets as well as specialist wine stores. But you have to be…


Blanc de Noir

… "White from black" - this is the literal translation of "Blanc de Noir" and stands for a white wine made from dark blue to black grapes. As the name suggests, this form of winemaking has its origins in France, where…



…How is Secco different According to German Wine Law, semi-sparkling wine is defined as wine which has an excess of carbon dioxide compared to still wines. While most of the CO2 escapes during the fermentation of grape…