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… of the climate, it does need more rain than Riesling, as well as soil with good drainage. Its wines are generally light, with a flowery bouquet and less acidity than Riesling. Müller-Thurgau often…


Quality categories

…German Landwein German Landwein is one of the wines with a protected geographical indication. It is an uncomplicated wine that is typical of its region. Landwein is mainly offered dry or semi-dry. The following…


Quality control testing

… Since 1971, every quality wine has been chemically analyzed and sensory-tested by the official body. The subsequent official test number, which the test committee awards upon passing the wine, must be noted on the…


Quality standards

…The VDP Classification model The VDP model is based on a private law statute for approx. 200 elite German wine estates. It defines the quality of a wine according to "terroir", read moreQuality control testing…


Must weights

…Must Weights The must weight already reveals something about the expected quality of the wine. It is measured in degrees Oechsle (abbreviated ° Oe); named after its inventor, the Württemberg pharmacist and mechanic…


Classification model

… Verband Deutscher Prädikats- und Qualitätsweingüter e. V. (VDP) is an association of around 200 German wine producers, whose members produce their wines according to stricter requirements than the German Wine Act…


Protected Origins

…Protected Geographical Indications Germany has 26 so-called rural wine (Landwein) regions, the names of which are recognized by the European Union as protected geographical indications (PGI). This means that in Germany…



… of Burgundians, such as in the Kaiserstuhl region in Baden (273 hectares in 2019) or in the Southern Wine Route region in the Palatinate. A wide range of aromas are typical for Chardonnay, e.g. melons, exotic…


Global Offices

… RUSSLAND Wines of Germany Serafimovicha, 2, of. 233 119072 Moskau Tel: +7 495 281 51 25 Mob: +7 964 500 25 27 E-Mail: tatjana.boehm(at) Internet: Contact: Mrs. Tatiana Böhm…


Wine Blogs

… …