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Specialitiy & Regional Wines

…Other noteworthy initiatives: Premium wines (or series of wines) produced by individual estates, commercial wineries and/or cooperative wineries. Eye-catching bottles and labels as well as distinctive names are the…


Crystals in Wine

…How do Crystals Develop in Wine? Riper grapes have higher levels of tartaric acid. The longer grapes ripen on the vine, the longer they have to absorb minerals from the soil. Little by little crystals can develop…


Other Products of Grape

… pomace, the "leftovers" from pressing, i. e. grape skins; pips; bits of pulp, must and wine; and dead yeast cells. This fruity, pungent spirit is a popular digestif. Hefebrand or Weinhefe -…


Ocean meets Wine

… they are steamed and served with a sauce that is not too dominant and uses root vegetables, white wine, pepper, cream or tomato puree as ingredients. These mussels also taste great in Mediterranean pasta…



…Riesling - Germany's White Star Read here! Riesling - downloadPromotion MaterialPromotion MaterialWines of Germany Statistics - bilingual Statistik 2017-2018 Statistik 2016-2017 Statistik 2015-2016…



… are to follow. Target groups, in addition to those named above, are modern, upscale, food and wine enthusiasts who are to be reached with qualitatively high-class events. In addition, the department’s…


Administration/Central Services

… deputy, Stanislava Dikova, heads the finance department. She registers contributions by wine-growers and commercial wineries; monitors collection proceedings; handles filing; and compiles…


Geman Wine Academy

… and new fields of activity.Mehr zum Thema „Wein & Gesundheit“:For more on the subject of "wine ] health": www.deutscheweinakademie.deUnder the scientific direction of Dr. Claudia…


Wine Trade and Hospitality Industry

… von Kluge +49 6135 / 9323 - 205 MvK(at)deutscheweine.deThe training and seminars offered by the wine institute are an important cornerstone of working with the market in this area. The education section,…


Nigel Blundell

… joined Walter S. Siegel Ltd and went on to buy the company in 1984 which was later to become Siegel Wine Agencies Ltd.Since joining Siegel Wine Agencies, Nigel has become the agent for many Germany producers…