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Orange Wine

…Taste and aroma Orange wines are extremely complex and full-bodied wines with a tannin-like texture that gives them a certain opulence. The characteristics so typical of white wine, clear fruit and brilliance, are…



… life Download brochure (as pdf)Riesling - Germany's White Star Read here! Riesling - downloadWines of Germany Statistics - bilingual Statistik 2018-2019 Statistik 2017-2018 Statistik 2016-2017…


Riesling Fellowship

…Terry Theise, Terry Theise Estate SelectionsRiesling FellowTerry Theise has been a wine importer and writer for thirty years. With a love and passion for Germany, Terry began working with a group of small German…


Climate & Weather

… The bulk of precipitation in Germany occurs in the summer, while in the southern wine-growing countries, it rains primarily in the spring, autumn and winter. Here, rainfall generally decreases during the final stage…


Taste & Quality

…Specialty & Regional wines In addition to various types of wine whose names derive from their color and/or method of production, the wine law also permits a number of specialty and regional wines. read moreThe Aroma…


Wine storage

…Potential for aging increases with quality Every wine is individual, therefore life expectancy differs. In general, however, it can be said that the higher the alcohol, sweetness, acidity and - in the case of red wine


Wine tasting

…Little effort, lots of fun There is not much to prepare for a wine tasting. Of course, you need the wines and should ensure the right temperature: cool white wine in the refrigerator to 7 - 8 degrees Celsius; red…


Wine Glasses

…A chamber for wine aromas Heavy and full red wines, Pinot Noir or Dornfelder, for example, open up best in bulbous, slightly voluminous glasses. Such a glass also helps with heavy white wines. The fact that a smaller…


Corks and other Closures

…Screw cap – now in demand Of the approximately 17 billion bottles of wine that were produced worldwide in 2008, around 2.5 billion are said to have been sold with a screw cap, the newspaper “Le Figaro” reported. In…


Wine Aromas

…Taste and aroma: a complete experience Enjoyment - especially that of wine - not only takes place on the tongue, but also to a large extent in the nose. If we want to compare the meaning of taste and smell, taste…