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Berlin Wine Trophy: Six Grand Gold medals for Germany

Bei der Winteredition der 24. Berliner Wein Trophy wurden 7.600 Weine aus 34 Ländern bewertet und die besten 30 Prozent prämiert. Auch 371 deutsche Weine errangen eine Medaille. … 371 German wines were awarded a medal . In addition to 23 silver and 342 gold medals, German wineries and vintners' cooperatives won the highest award of Grand Gold six times.  

Wine in Moderation launches major rebranding

… benefits of moderate consumption and risks associated with alcohol abuse.This support will allow wineries to seize opportunities created by wine tourism, by co-creating responsible wine experiences to help…  

2020 Wine Guides reveal new and confirm established names

103 Weingüter werden im neuen Vinum Weinguide 2020 mit vier bis fünf Sternen bewertet, darunter das Weingut Aldinger aus Württemberg, dessen Inhaber Hansjörg und Matthias Aldinger in Mainz als „Winzer des Jahres 2020“ ausgezeichnet wurden. … Wines" presented at the Heidelberg Castle features more than 11,000 wines from almost 1,000 wineries. For the best wine collections, the editors awarded several awards, as well as promoters and…  

German wine academy submits bid for UNESCO World Heritage status

… to support the application. In the end, more than 4,100 supporters from all relevant circles of the wineries could be won. In addition, all umbrella organizations of wine producers, wine cooperatives and…  

Germany's Mosel Valley is Wine Enthusiast's Wine Region of the Year nominee

… for Riesling, but also an increasingly diversifying portfolio of other white and red wines”.   “The wineries of the Mosel are honored by the nomination,” says Ansgar Schmitz, Director of Moselwein e.V. (Mosel…  

Japanese influencers visit Germany's wine growing regions

… Maya Sasakura discovered the capital's wine hotspots.Versatile architecture for Germany's thriving wineriesModern architecture was to be seen at the wineries van Volxem, located by the Saar river as well as…  

Grands Vins Blancs du Monde: Gold for German Rieslings and Pinots

23 Gold- und zwei Silbermedaillen errangen deutsche Weine, vor allem Rieslinge und Pinots, beim diesjährigen Concours des Grands Vins Blancs du Monde in Straßburg. Foto: Strasbourg événements (Bartosch Salmanski) … was the most successful German participant in the competition. Three gold medals each went to the wineries Werner Anselmann (Pfalz), Domdechant Werner'sches Weingut (Rheingau) and heirs of Beulwitz (Mosel). …  

Eiswein Brings Perfect Close to Germany’s 2018 Vintage

… sweet specialty that is typically made from Riesling, Spätburgunder, Silvaner or Chardonnay.Two wineries in the Nahe winegrowing region did manage to bring in a Riesling Eiswein harvest back on December 26…  

Monika Reule sees positive development in export

… growth markets, which means a great opportunity for us.Who profits – the sellers of bulk wine, the wineries, the top wine estates, everyone? Everyone who starts exporting wines of good quality to countries…  

Bottled wine analysis: Germany's most popular grape varieties

…How does demand for bottled wines develop at cooperatives, wineries and wine estates with a view to individual grape varieties? A business cycle analysis established by Professor Simone Loose at Hochschule Geisenheim…