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Global Offices

… RUSSLAND Wines of Germany Serafimovicha, 2, of. 233 119072 Moskau Tel: +7 495 281 51 25 Mob: +7 964 500 25 27 E-Mail: tatiana.boehm(at) Internet: Contact: Mrs. Tatiana Böhm…


Wine Blogs

… …


Wines of Germany

…Wineries Here you can find an overview of wine producers with contacts, information about wines and grape varieties they are growing as well as services. find wineriesImporter of German Wine Wines from Germany can…



… life Download brochure (as pdf)Riesling - Germany's White Star Read here! Riesling - downloadWines of Germany Statistics - bilingual Statistik 2018-2019 Statistik 2017-2018 Statistik 2016-2017…


Sparkling: Sekt

… winemaker is responsible for every detail of the Sekt’s character, from the composition of the base wines down to the style. In addition, every Winzersekt has to be manufactured using the traditional method of…



… Red 2% Seductive shades There’s a growing trend toward bold and beautiful rosé and even red sparkling wines. These lovely alternatives stand alongside a classic spectrum from shimmering cream to golden yellow…



…Best vineyard views Since 2012 Wines of Germany has been electing what it considers to be the “Best Vineyard Views” – scenic lookout points serving as ideal stops for hikers, and offering breathtaking views of…



… them with the respective on-site partners. Read moreCommunication Frank Schulz – Communicating Wines of Germany plays a key role in the work of The Wine Institute (DWI) - domestically as well as on a…


Riesling Fellowship

… Olympics by taking charge of the tourism and transport sectors. Read moreEisaku Kurokawa, Fushimi Wines Riesling Fellow Eisaku Kurokawa is the president of the Japanese import company Fushimi Wines. His…


Grape varieties

… Spätburgunder is also very imporant in Württemberg. Additionally, in the Pfalz and Rheinhessen red wines play a major role as well, most notably the Dornfelder grape. read more ...