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… and disseminates its findings in various ways.Promotion of QualityPromoting the quality of the wines of Germany’s 13 wine-growing regions by supporting quality competitions and scientific research is a…


New Wine ("Federweißer")

… air, so the carbonic acid can escape. The bottle should be transported standing upright at all times. Wines of Germany recommends to taste a little of the Federweißer once you have reached home. If it tastes…


Famous vineyard sites

… loops as it snakes its way toward Zell, Bernkastel and Trier. read moreCheers! The Pfalz. Sensuous Wines of Quintessential Elegance: Forster Kirchenstück. Springtime comes early to the Pfalz. In fact, one of…


Classic wines

… sugar and acidity is but one of several components that contribute to the appealing style of Classic wines. It is a known fact that wines produced from riper grapes are fuller in flavor and body, i.e. that…


Classic grape varieties

… instantly come to mind. Yet numerous other traditional varieties are equally well-suited for Classic wines, not least those that have long been associated with a particular wine-growing region or district.…


Selection wines

…Selection winesConnoisseurs know that "Selection" signals the best of the vintage.....a carefully selected, top-quality exquisite example of German winemaking skill. Taste profile: dry.…


Selection grape varities

… the finest traditional grape varieties meet the high quality standards prescribed for Selection wines. Typical candidates, Riesling and/or members of the Burgunder (Pinot) family, are widespread in many of…


Sparkling Wine

… fermented, i.e. converted into alcohol and carbon dioxide. According to the wine law, this includes wines with up to 32 grams/liter of residual (leftover) sugar. The law also prescribes a ratio of residual…


Quality control testing

… The DLG and regional associations use the same testing procedure and "five-point system" to determine which wines merit seals, awards and prizes. These denote wines of superior quality and, in some cases, wine style.…



… 250 m, and recently he acquired parcels midway up the slope, near the Ajaxturm. He explains that wines grown in porphyry soils often have a flinty note on the nose. The predominantly acidic soil lends the…