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The Times: German wines are making a comeback

… daily British newspaper THE TIMES reports about "soaring sales in upmarket establishments" for Wines of Germany.  

2019 Harvest Report by Winegrowing Regions

Weinlese (13).jpg …Germany's 2019 vintage will be remembered for its very high quality. "The young 2019 white wines are already showing intense aromas and good balance, with an attractive and refreshing acidity. The reds are currently…  

Google Trends proves growing popularity of mulled wine

…During the advent and Christmas season, mulled wines are on high demand in Germany. They are being produced by winemakers, cooperatives and cellars alike. A Google Trends analysis shows that @Glühwein" is searched…  

Black metal musician Sigurd Wongraven about Wines of Germany

…In a new interview series the German Wine Institute (Wines of Germany HQ) portrays multipliers in the global wine branch. Norwegian Sigurd "Satyr" Wongraven is a well-known black metal musician and has been part of the…  

Forum Generation Riesling: Discussing Fresh Ideas for 2020

… the potential to be incredible vending machines," says Daniel Rade from "Kreativagentur bonoer""Wines from a winemaker that I know taste a tick better than others...", says. Sedat Aktas (Geile Weine)"We…  

Low alcohol but full bodied Wines of Germany for Thanksgiving

…The versatility of German wines allow for them to pair perfectly with an array of flavors – from savory stuffing and tart cranberry sauce to sweet potato casserole and a plethora of pies. Low alcohol but full flavored…  

Wine Enthusiast's Top 3 Wines of Germany

…Each year, The Wine Enthusiast Magazine selects "Best Buys" in the USA. In 2019 three German wines made it on the Top 100 list. Even more exciting: one of them is amoung the Top 10 of some 24.000 wines tested in this…  

Jessyca Lewis twitters with Germany’s winemakers

…In a new interview-series the German Wine Institute (Wines of Germany HQ) portraits multipliers in the global wine branch. We start with Jessyca Lewis, a successful marketing and advertising professional and winelover.…  

2020 Wine Guides reveal new and confirm established names

103 Weingüter werden im neuen Vinum Weinguide 2020 mit vier bis fünf Sternen bewertet, darunter das Weingut Aldinger aus Württemberg, dessen Inhaber Hansjörg und Matthias Aldinger in Mainz als „Winzer des Jahres 2020“ ausgezeichnet wurden. … winelovers around the globe to get more orientation in their ever lasting hunt for fine German wines.Eichelmann 2020  presented at the Heidelberg CastleThe jubilee edition "Eichelmann 2020…  

Clink Different: Unexpected Wine Styles of Germany

…As part of the Clink Different campaign - the joint initiative promoting wines of Bordeaux and Germany - the CIVB and Deutsches Weininstitut (DWI, German Wine Institute) invite US-journalists to discover the unexpected…