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Wine & Cookies

… this wine also contains nuances of dried fruit. And even a noble sweet Riesling still shows a lively acidity, bringing a subtle finesse to the pastry it’s served with. Vanillekipferl, a true classic among the…


Mushrooms, pumpkin & wine

… A semi-dry Riesling or Gewürztraminer is the perfect partner for this potpourri dominated by acidity and sweetness. And even venturing a combination with a mild Riesling Spätlese can be a delectable…


New Wine ("Federweißer")

… when it has come half way between grape juice and wine, when sweetness, alcohol content and fruit acidity are well balanced. At this stage, its alcohol content amounts to around 5 % vol.


Famous vineyard sites

… Compared with their Mosel counterparts, young Saar Rieslings are often marked by an austere, steely acidity. The finest impart a taut balance of fruit and acidity – and benefit from aging. read moreChalk…



… A young crisp Mosel Riesling. Lean to medium bodied with little residual sugar, fresh acidity and pure minerality.INGREDIENTS:Salted cod400 g salted cod, 25 g oilSmoked lamb100 g smoked…


Classic wines

…Appealing....."inside and out"The pleasant balance of residual sugar and acidity is but one of several components that contribute to the appealing style of Classic wines. It is a known fact that wines…


Selection wines

… 9 grams per liter of residual sugar – with one exception: Riesling wines, that are by nature rich in acidity. Here, the residual sugar content can be 1.5 times as high as the acidity, up to a maximum of 12…


Sparkling Wine

… grams/liter of residual (leftover) sugar. The law also prescribes a ratio of residual sugar to total acidity in a dry wine: the maximum acidity permitted is 2 grams/liter less than the residual sugar (formula:…


Quality control testing

… embraces all the sensory impressions, including color. The overall balance between sweetness and acidity as well as alcohol and body are also considered. Up to five points or fractions thereof can be…



… soils often have a flinty note on the nose. The predominantly acidic soil lends the wines a taut acidity and they are very mineral in character, perceptible on the palate as a light saltiness. …