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Asparagus & Wine

… alternatives: Silvaner, Weißburgunder, Grauburgunder and Rivaner (Müller-Thurgau). With their round acidity and delicate fruity aromas — reminiscent of pears, apples, nuts and flowers — they lull these savory…


Hot Spot

… cuisine and Riesling work so well?Jianhua Wu: I´m not an analyst. But this interplay between acidity and sweetness with Riesling also defines Chinese cuisine. A mature red wine also works. Just fresh…


Wine Spritzers

… enjoyment. The classic is a Riesling spritzer, because this grape variety contains a fresh, fruity acidity and aromas reminiscent of apples, peach and grapefruit. However, other grape varieties are…


Fondue & Raclette

… side dishes for the cheese fondue are mixed pickles, small gherkins and sometimes Bündnerfleisch. The acidity of the pickles makes the fondue more easily digestible, but it has to be taken into account as well…


Wine & Cookies

… this wine also contains nuances of dried fruit. And even a noble sweet Riesling still shows a lively acidity, bringing a subtle finesse to the pastry it’s served with. Vanillekipferl, a true classic among the…


New Wine ("Federweißer")

… when it has come half way between grape juice and wine, when sweetness, alcohol content and fruit acidity are well balanced. At this stage, its alcohol content amounts to around 5 % vol.



… The noble riesling grape yields wines of great elegance, complexity and longevity. Firm, fruity acidity is a hallmark shared by all, yet german rieslings are remarkably diverse due to differences in…



… balance of rainfall and sunshine. it enables grapes to ripen slowly, and thus maintain their fruity acidity while developing natural sugars and absorbing minerals from the soil. The succession of warm days and…



… or the delicate Pinot Noir, are enjoyable and wonderful with all types of food with their refreshing acidity and focused, linear style. Jeannie Cho Lee, MW, Hongkong A miracle has happened in Germany. A…



… Silvaner wines are extraordinarily versatile thanks to their subtle character and fresh, harmonious acidity – less austere than that of riesling. whether vinified as a still or sparkling wine, silvaner appeals…