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Wine Market in Germany: Online Share set to Rise

…The online share of wine sales has been on a constant increase. Along with books, wine was one of the first items to be sold online. Wine was already a player in the dotcom era around the year 2000. Also ProWein, the…  

CNN sees bright future for Wines of Germany

…The biggest US-newsportal focused on Germany’s Weinstrasse, the world’s oldest wine route, in an october article, highlighting the route’s incredible history and bright future.  

Josefine Schlumberger is Germany's 67th wine queen

67. Deutsche Weinmajestäten, Caroline Guthier, Josefine Schlumberger, Katharina Fladung …Josefine Schlumberger (21) from Laufen in the Baden region was elected 67th German wine queen. She will be supported by Katharina Fladung from the wine growing Rheingau-region as well as Caroline Guthier from the region…  

Optimism with regard to the 2015 vintage in Germany

…During the last couple of days, most of Germany's wine-growing areas started their major grape harvest for the wine production of such grape varieties as Müller-Thurgau, Sauvignon Blanc, or the white Pinot varieties.  

Germany Celebrates 3 New Masters of Wine

Romana Echensperger, MW …a Echensperger, Konstantin Baum and Janek Schumann have now joined the esteemed ranks of Germany's Masters of Wine. Germany now boasts 8 wine experts holding the coveted title, considered by many the most difficult and…  

German Wine Queen Website Revamped with Stronger Visual Approach

…Ahead of the vote on 25 September for the 67th German Wine Queen, the Deutsches Weininstitut (DWI) has given its website a full redesign. The new site bundles all relevant information about the…  

Wines of Germany office to re-open in Japan in 2016

… partner with excellent contacts to trade and general public media and authorities to re-open a Wines of Germany representation in Japan.  

Global trend for Rosé wine - Germany third largest market

…Rosé is regarded as the ideal summer wine. Germany's consumers are not the only one's that love it. According to latest OIV data, sales figures have been rising worldwide during the past years.  

Prof. Dr. Monika Christmann was elected President of the OIV

…According to the official announcement from the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV) during the "38th World Congress of Vine and Wine" in Mainz, Professor Dr. Monika Christmann was elected as the new…  

Queen Elizabeth II enjoys Pinot Noir and Chardonnay

Menü und Weinkarte des Staatsbanketts (Fotoquelle: Bundespresseamt/Steffen Kugler) … II and the Duke of Edinburgh dined at Bellevue Castle in Berlin. They enjoyed a 4-course-menu with Wines of Germany. Find the menu and wine card below: