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Think Global - Drink Local

…Even if wine sales in the food retail sector are currently going well, wine producers who are not listed there are struggling with a significant drop in their sales.  

2015 Pinot Noir from Philipp Kuhn wins the Lagen Cup 2020

Bereits Anfang März verkostete eine Fachjury aus Sommeliers und Weinjournalisten 300 deutsche Rotweine, insbesondere Spätburgunder. Sommelier und Organisator Serhat Aktas hat nun die Ergebnisse veröffentlicht. „Es braucht in diesen Zeiten auch Nachrichten abseits der Krise“, so Aktas. …The Lagen Cup, a Berlin wine competition, takes place for white wine in summer and for red wine in winter. At the beginning of March, sommeliers and wine journalists tasted 300 German red wines from single vineyards.…  

Riesling remains King: Dutch and Belgians celebrate

… toast and serenade for King Willem-Alexander from all living rooms. And this time with German wines:  

Themed weeks: Sweeten the time with sweet, delicious wine

…If you want to sweeten your days a little during these difficult times, the German Wine Institute (DWI) recommends enjoying locally produced sweet wines.  

Early Budburst Prolongs the Risk of Late Frosts

… fall between May 12-15, and often coincide with the last frosts of spring.In the Sachsen winery Schloss Wackerbarth, frost protection candles and controlled fires were lit in vulnerable vineyards on…  

Germany’s 2019 Vintage Yields 8.3 Million Hectolitres

…Exactly 8.326 million hectolitres (hl) of wine must were recorded from the 2019 German vintage. This is approximately 0.1 million hl less than recently estimated.  

Tips on combining food and wine during topical weeks

… the closest family circle, at least it can still be enjoyed. We will help you with some food and wine suggestions.  

Global Trends in Wine 2020

…The market research institute Wine Intelligence, has made available its report on Global Trends in the wine sector. It was originally released in January 2020 and has now been updated against the background of the…  

Germany's best Rosés awarded

…In spring, the German Wine Institute (DWI) invited a 15-person jury of experts from 15 different countries to select "Germany's Best Rosé wines and Sparkling wines 2020" from a total of around 200 entries.  

Berlin Wine Trophy: Six Grand Gold medals for Germany

Bei der Winteredition der 24. Berliner Wein Trophy wurden 7.600 Weine aus 34 Ländern bewertet und die besten 30 Prozent prämiert. Auch 371 deutsche Weine errangen eine Medaille. …At the winter tasting of the Berlin Wine Trophy, 371 German wines were awarded a medal . In addition to 23 silver and 342 gold medals, German wineries and vintners' cooperatives won the highest award of Grand Gold six…