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First grapes for the production of new wine harvested in Germany

…In Lörzweiler, in the Rhineland-Hesse region, the first grapes of the year were harvested on august 13th 2019. This is about a week later than in the previous year.  

Wines of Germany @ Latitude festival in UK

… The wine gurus ran wine tastings every day so festival goers could discover the people, places and grapes behind a selection of the coolest wines on earth and taught them how to taste wine like a pro. More…  

German Riesling is the hottest wine in China

… wine presented a master class in each of the cities with the theme “Riesling and Pinot Noir, the star grapes from Germany”.  The success of Riesling & Co hotel exhibition shows once again that in the…  

The color of summer: rosé wine

… only insignificantly in the production. "Weißherbst" wines are produced purely from one individual grape variety that is displayed on the lable.Common to both is that they are made from red wine grapes, but…  

Recommended: Light wines for the summer

… wines can be found in the German wine-growing regions rather frequently, reason being that here the grapes have a lot of time to ripen and create aroma components due to the relatively cool climate. This way,…  

Aroma-Miracle: Why Wines of Germany are so versatile

… flavors.Primary, secondary and tertiary flavorsPrimary aromas: they are actually immanent to the grape or in the grape skin itself. These substances are called terpenes and pyrazines and are found, for…  

Media focus on German wines continues to rise

… proven by a Google trend analysis (dpa). Results show that the number of search inquiries for leading grape varieties such as Riesling or Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir) has been rising steadily for about a decade…  

Germany's vine blooming in line with 30-year-average

Rebblüte … timing is in line with the 30-year-average.Approximately 100 days after the vine's blooming, the grapes are ready for harvest. Accordingly, this year the harvest is expected to start from mid-September,…  

German Wine Queen Carolin at Riesling Weeks in Hong Kong

… versatility and food-matching capabilities of Riesling to consumers, but also showcasing other grape varieties as Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc and Silvaner and ... . For the start, the German Wine…  

GQ Japan features Germany's cool wines

… in a total of nine videos on various topics (eg "German wine philosophy", "Rules to get good grapes" or "How to enjoy Riesling"), which is published in a weekly rhythm as "GQ Taste" on the various…