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Hessische Bergstrasse

… usually come to the Hessische Bergstrasse earlier than other regions, which may still be feeling chills in March or April. Forsythia, cherries, apricots and magnolias follow the almond trees. But it is not…


Famous vineyard sites

… (literally, mountain road) is an old Roman trade route parallel to the Rhine, skirting the foothills of the Odenwald between Darmstadt and Wiesloch. The hilly vineyards lining the route belong to both the…



… are located in the middle, steep upper streches of the site, some 250 m above sea level. Midway up the hill is a landmark – the Ajaxturm, a tall brick tower with a legendary past (see below). Riesling is the…



… region, in Königsbach, a wine village north of Neustadt an der Weinstraße. From the top of the hillside vineyard there are wonderful views over the Rhine plain, extending to the Odenwald (Oden Forest east…



… Barons of Dalberg in 1200. The Dalbergs (formerly named Weierbach) began building their impressive hilltop Dalburg (castle) in 1150, and it was their home for generations. The first documented mention of the…



… size. It has a south-southeastern exposure and lies in a natural hollow at the foot of Hohenberg hill – the peak of which is at least 550 meters high - which helps protect the vineyard from the cool…


Elisabethenberg and Olgaberg

… The former is solely owned by Weingut Vollmayer in Hilzingen, a town at the western foot of the hill; the latter is solely owned by the Staatsweingut Meersburg, headquartered in Meersburg on the shores of…


König Johann Berg

… the ruins in 2006. The ambitious plans of the Schmitt family included replanting the abandoned hillside with vines in a future-oriented manner: Querterrassierung, or cross/ transverse terracing,…


Homburger Kallmuth

…Origins and OwnersThe name Kallmuth derives from the Celtic “calemont” – “kahler Berg” or “barren hill.” It is assumed that it was first planted with vines by Benedictine monks in the 9th century. The first documented…



… en route, such as the first (1877) double-decker bridge (for railroad and autos) at Bullay and the “hillside viaduct” (1880) with 92 arches covering a span of 786m through the vineyards, complete with massive…